The Top Ways To Utilize Custom Trade Show Booths for the Hospitality Industry

The Top Ways To Utilize Custom Trade Show Booths for the Hospitality Industry Banner

The hospitality industry is growing at a fast rate. One of the best ways companies can get their brand out in front of customers is through custom trade show booths. When hospitality businesses present these booths at events, they have an opportunity to create an eye-catching space that draws potential customers in to learn more about their services and products. What are some key ways for hospitality companies to utilize these spaces? Discover this and more in the following guide from Blazer Exhibits on custom trade show booths for the hospitality industry!

Key Elements of Effective Custom Trade Show Booth Design

For a hospitality business, certain components will make a huge impression on potential customers. These components boil down to five areas of consideration:

Understanding Target Audiences

Before going to an event, companies should take the time to learn about their target audience. Figuring out the demographics of the customers most likely to purchase the products or services you’re offering can help businesses decide how they can make their booths more appealing to potential clients.

Customizing Brand Identity and Message Within the Design

Brand identity is an important aspect of designing custom trade show booths. For companies to get their message across to customers, a clear mission or message should be strategically planned out. When companies know their brand identity, it helps them find a way to convey their message within the elements of the booth.

Implementing Interactive Elements with Technology

Interactive components can be added to a trade show booth for customers to discover more about the products or services a hospitality business provides. These options can include the following: 

  • Interactive Touchscreens
  • Live Presentations
  • QR Codes
  • Virtual Reality Technologies

There are many ways companies can use technology to effectively interact with new and returning customers. Choosing features that will increase positive customer engagement can bring more awareness to a brand!

Prioritizing Functionality and Ease of Navigation in Custom Trade Show Booths

One crucial factor in a custom trade show booth is the setup and takedown of the booth itself. Booth design companies offer various options, but Blazer Exhibits can provide a better solution! We work with a team of professional experts that can test the setup and take-down process for your booths, ensuring that every piece is properly placed and sorted for other events ahead of time!

Utilizing High-Quality Graphics and Captivating Visuals

The features included in a booth can have a great impact on customers. Having visuals and designs that make a business memorable and unique will draw clients in. It will also invite them to see what the company is about and what they can offer their customers.

These components help hospitality businesses increase engagement with their potential clients and allow them to provide information about their products and services more effectively.

Best Practice Experiences for Custom Trade Show Booth Design in the Hospitality Industry

Another factor for companies to think about is emphasizing unique features and components within their business. Here are a few ways businesses can do this:

  • Showcasing Testimonials and Positive Customer Experiences: Providing a way in which customers can read testimonials and share their personal experiences with a company can boost interest for new clients.
  • Creating a Welcoming and Inviting Atmosphere: A booth that has a pleasant, engaging, and inviting setting will bring in customers who want to learn more about the company and its services.
  • Incorporating Experiential Marketing Techniques: Brand awareness, creating unique experiences, and collecting customer insights are several techniques that help businesses interact and engage with their customers.
  • Optimizing Traffic Flow By Utilizing Maximum Space: Making sure that the area can move customers through the space efficiently will help more potential clients want to see what the business has to offer.

Including more than one of these features in the booth can be a great way for hospitality businesses to capture the attention of new customers.

Custom Trade Show Booth Design Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Trends in the hospitality industry provide great insight into different ways other companies are interacting with their audiences and turning them into new customers. One new technique many businesses are using is virtual/augmented reality technology. From interactive robots to VR devices that convey the experience of visiting a certain hotel or going on a certain vacation, custom trade show booths can provide opportunities to leverage new technologies.

Businesses can facilitate even more customer interaction by using social media apps, digital engagement tools, and interactive displays. Blazer Exhibits offers a customizable range of innovative features to draw in a crowd. Logos, lighting, and displays all play a role in the amount of interactions a company may receive. 


Custom trade show booths are crucial ways of drawing customers in to learn more information about a company’s products and services. These booths offer an optimal way to assess the needs of customers and highlight the solutions a business can offer!

Blazer Exhibits is a premier company specializing in creating custom trade show booths. We work with clients to build spaces that will help them grow their audience. Our goal is to see that each company has the best resources for its trade show booths. Visit our custom booths section to learn more about our process and what we can offer. Discover more about our custom trade show booths by contacting us today!

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