5 Ways to Wow Audiences With Your Custom Trade Show Exhibits

5 Ways to Wow Audiences With Your Custom Trade Show Exhibits Banner

Standing out at a trade show can be a serious challenge. From major brands to small startups, hundreds of exhibitors are all competing for the attention of the same attendees, meaning you need a custom trade show exhibit that is truly special to make an impact.

From eye-catching custom trade show exhibit designs to unconventional approaches to service and interactions with prospective customers, there are numerous ways to stand out at your next trade show, all while creating a “wow” effect for your customers in the process.

We’ve listed five of these tactics below, all of which can be applied — either in part or combined — to any type of event and for any type of custom trade show exhibit.

Create Custom Trade Show Exhibits That Are Unique and Different

Sometimes, the most effective way to stand out at a trade show is with a unique, eye-catching booth. A custom trade show exhibit that differs from the rest of the crowd can set your business apart and draw attendees into your booth.

There are several rules to keep in mind when designing a custom trade show exhibit that’s built for attention. First, make sure you maintain some conventions — your booth needs to be easy to access, easy to understand and designed with a clear message in mind.

Second, focus on improving on the designs of your competitors, not just being different just for the sake of being different. From bigger displays to a more welcoming interior, you often only need a small, sequential improvement over your competitors to stand out from the crowd.

Showcase Your Latest Product or Technology

Do you have a new product that’s likely to “wow” your prospective customers? If so, make it the focal point of your exhibit. From a product demo area to a simple display of your latest product, showcasing your work is often the most effective way to attract attention to your custom trade show exhibit.

Is your product interactive? Provided it’s ready for consumer use, show it off by letting attendees try it out for themselves. Is it ready for a demo? Train one of your sales representatives to show it in action during the event.

Got something seriously cool to show off? Create anticipation by scheduling demos throughout the day, with the demonstration times posted on a board in your booth. This way, attendees will make time specifically to see what your business has to offer.

“Wow” Customers With Exclusive Discounts

While it’s generally not a good idea to compete on price, doing so can be a great way to win the attention and business of new customers at a trade show.

Some attendees come to trade shows to learn more about their respective industries, searching for new technology and interesting developments. Others come looking for options to take back to their office for their next major project or development.

Others come searching for a great deal, especially a discounted offer. If you’re hoping to close as many deals as possible at your next trade show, “wowing” your customers with an exclusive discount is often the most effective way to achieve your objectives.

Take a Focused Approach to Interactions

You can create a “wow” effect with an eye-catching custom trade show exhibit. You can impress your customers with an incredible product demo. But the most lasting impressions are made not through flashy designs or products, but through real human interaction.

Instead of focusing purely on your custom trade show exhibit design or your product showcase, try focusing purely on refining your sales pitch. By training your sales representatives to be the best of the best, you’ll be able to produce more results and generate more revenue, even with a “plain” exhibit.

Remember, it’s ultimately the interactions your team members have with prospective customers that will help you close new deals and generate new business. Focus on your pitch, key talking points, and closing strategy and you could outperform your bigger, flashier competitors.

Create a Comfortable Place to Sit Down

Finally, one of the easiest ways to “wow” your customers is simply to make your custom trade show exhibit a nice, comfortable place to sit down and catch a break.

Trade shows can be extremely tiring environments, especially for attendees. With flashing LED signage and bright displays around every corner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and seek out a welcoming, comfortable place to sit down for a minute or two.

While many custom trade show exhibits focus on visibility over comfort, furnishing your exhibit with a sofa or two can often be all it takes to generate foot traffic (and leads, sales, and lucrative new deals) from attendees interested in sitting down to chat with your team members.

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