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Exhibiting outside can require quite different equipment than if you were to be exhibiting indoors in a controlled and air-conditioned environment. Thankfully, there are versatile and robust products and solutions for exhibiting in any kind of situation, including demonstrating outdoors which is becoming more and more popular for many companies. When exhibiting outdoors there are two main requirements to keep in mind in terms of exhibit show displays and exhibiting equipment: portability and durability.


Exhibiting outdoors provides challenges because the environment is not nearly as controlled or predictable as that of an indoor trade show or other event. You might encounter rain, wind or other weather challenges and you also need to be prepared for other challenges such as distractions or even street crime like shoplifting.


Part of countering this is making sure you have the right exhibit show displays. Your choice in exhibiting equipment here should be primarily focused on how well pop up displays or any other exhibit booth can withstand the elements and the rigors of outdoor environments.


To that end, Blazer Exhibits & Events offers a variety of exhibit show displays and booth options. Pop up displays are a common option for this kind of application because they are usually both light and flexible, making them both easily portable and also able to withstand wind and other elements. But, you should talk with the exhibit designers and experts here at Blazer in order to make sure that you get the right product for your situation. Some exhibit show displays may need to be modified in order to function better in an outdoor environment.


When exhibiting outdoors, simple is usually better because there are more environmental variables to worry about and so complicating exhibit set up and tear down unnecessarily can add yet more stress and hassle onto an endeavor that can already include plenty of both. However, there are certainly situations when your company may want to have a larger and more visible presence at a certain event.

In these cases, make sure to contact us at Blazer Exhibits & Events to find the right exhibit show displays and custom exhibition equipment for your particular needs and requirements.

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