Driving Traffic to Custom Trade Show Booths in San Diego at AACC

Driving Traffic to Custom Trade Show Booths in San Diego at AACC Banner

On August 1 -3, the Clinical Lab Expo by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) will hold this year’s expo at the San Diego Convention Center. Over 750 companies are exhibiting, this event is considered the world’s largest exposition for clinical laboratory products and services. Attendees will get to learn about exciting products being presented at the convention. This is a perfect opportunity for you to show everyone what you got and what world-class products and services your company offers.

Some companies are hesitant about joining trade show events because of the uncertainty that people might not be interested in visiting their booths. Worry no more, here are a few tips that will surely help you be successful in setting up your trade show booth. Some custom trade show booths in San Diego, CA are the best in the market today.

Prior to the event, carefully plan how you are going to present your company. This includes weeks and even months of getting the information needed to have a successful trade show event. Consider knowing your target market. An in-depth study of the types of potential customers should be done. This will allow you to tailor fit the products and services you will offer and how you are going to present during the event. You also need to know the spending habits of customers and their general preferences when it comes to purchasing.

Let’s not forget our current customers. Send them informational and promotional materials to help in drive traffic to your event. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth and promotions.

During the event, make sure that the staff manning your booth is knowledgeable and presentable. Some customers are critical when getting the information they need and what they want. Attention-grabbing visuals also help in the success of driving traffic to your booth. The 3-second rule will play a big role in catching the attention of participants.

Giveaways and services will also help you get more participants. Successful trade show booths even have contests that let customers join and win prizes including discounts and souvenir items. Contests allow exhibitors to attract prospective customers while enjoying their time within the display area.

Lastly, after the event, keep in touch with all the attendees you encountered. Send thank you notes because these will strengthen your ties with your customers. If a customer was promised something during the event, make sure that the promise will be kept. This only shows that you are not just after their money but you truly care for them. Also, publish photos and videos of what happened during the even in all of your social media sites. This will make customers feel that you are truly active in the business.

You don’t even have to worry about setting up a trade show display or even a custom rental exhibit booths. Let the expert, Blazer Exhibits & Events, assist you all throughout. At Blazer Exhibits, we do it all from tradeshow booth displays design to setup – we’ll even be on site with you to make sure that everything goes according to plan. We are also happy to help you with an exhibit design booth for an upcoming show too. Simply call one of our representatives today, and we will work with you to create a display that really stands out. Call us today!

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