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E3 2013 Wrap-up: The Best Of Gaming On Display

The E3 Expo, the largest video gaming trade show on the planet, recently wrapped up and showcased some seriously impressive exhibit design as it often does. It seems that the electronic trade shows are always right up there with car shows for some of the grandest, brightest and most impressive exhibit design. This year’s E3 didn’t disappoint. With huge sweeping trade show displays, colorful lighting and plenty of ‘booth babes’, the E3 expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was a hit, and that’s before we even talk about the games or the new gaming systems that are going to be released at the end of this year.

This year’s E3 was notable because it included many announcements about new games that will be available for the two next generation console gaming machines that will be released by Sony and Microsoft respectively this holiday season. Sony, which is taking the more traditional route by counting up, announced more games and details for their Playstation 4 console. Microsoft, meanwhile, showed off its new Xbox One system. Nintendo also had a presence at the show, but wasn’t showing off any new hardware. It’s Wii U was released several months ago.

E3 displays, like their counterparts in many of the other large expos, commonly range upwards from the simple booth exhibit to large custom exhibits that can be hundreds of feet in size and feature rows of interactive kiosks allowing attendees to test out pre-release versions of some of the hottest upcoming games. This year was no different as game developers showed off their latest and greatest. Some big names like a new Halo entry were announced and the hardware was shown off to industry insiders and the media at the keynotes which started off the show.

Large expos like E3 often have some truly jaw-dropping exhibit design and companies like Microsoft and Sony made sure that tradition was continued in 2013. Of course, there was also a sizable number of smaller game developers and even some indie game developers who were trying to eke out their own space on the trade show floor. With each booth exhibit showing off a new game or piece of hardware, there was no shortage of engaging booths at E3 2013. Certainly, the lucky ones from inside the industry who got attend had a blast.

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