Easily install safety barriers in your lobby, office, and business environment with modular and customized solutions

Easily install safety barriers in your lobby, office, and business environment with modular and customized solutions Banner

Blazer Exhibits and Events is committed to helping your business adapt to the current safety concerns for your employees and patrons. We have scalable solutions that can be implemented for schools, offices, lobbies, and just about any area of your working environment where social distancing and safety are concerns.

Help maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from today’s risks with clear plastic barriers, plexiglass bio and sneeze-guards, cashier and lobby shields, and other clear partitions are essential in today’s interactive areas.

Customized, and tailor made for your work environment

We can tailor fit your needs with our modular Sneeze Guard Walls which can be used stand-alone or can be connected to create larger walls, even with unique angles. These protection walls are portable, easy to assemble, easy to clean, and quickly move around to fit your immediate needs. Some great features include an aluminum tube frame with snap-buttons that are offered magnetized or non-magnetized. Plexiglass and PVC infill panels are offered blank or printed with your desired branded artwork. Take a look at the highlights below.

  • Lightweight and portable sneeze guard/protection/divider walls
  • Assembled dimensions: 36”w x 92.2”h x 15.7”d
  • Easy to wipe clean with a disinfectant spray
  • Magnetic frames connect easily and can be positioned at various angles
  • Aluminum frame with snap buttons offered magnetized or non
  • 3 “infill” options available
  • 3mm clear plexiglass (plex) top & bottom
  • 3mm clear plex top & opaque white 3mm PVC
  • Opaque white 3mm PVC
  • Clear plex and PVC offered blank or printed
  • Artwork prints directly on the plex & PVC
  • Artwork on plex prints single-sided
  • Artwork on PVC prints single or double-sided

Custom branding and graphic design

Barriers can be customized with artwork on single and double sides. Solid, translucent, or clear areas are great options and offer flexibility to your needs, and as your brand sees fit. We also have design professionals that can leverage your business style guide for any of the barriers artwork if you do not have designers of your own immediately available.

Cable hanging barriers

Suspend easily where physical separation is needed! Hanging Sneeze Guards feature a ceiling-mounted, high-grip aluminum snap rail system that holds lightweight, 7mil clear polyester. The clear polyester can be printed to include special messaging, guidance, and branding. Adjustable hanging clips slide along the top rail so you can modify to what is required. The clips feature both a top opening for clear nylon line mount and a recessed pocket for S-hook suspension. The rails snap open and shut for quick and easy changes. 16 sizes are available, all with customized graphics if you choose.

Blazer is a full service, turn-key service provider that excels in all sizes, and solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. If you have any questions, customized solutions, or need any exhibiting, lobby or event needs contact us through our website or social media platforms.

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