EDPA Event Hosted by Blazer Exhibits

Northern California Chapter of EDPA hosts “Ask and you shall succeed” featuring Colette Carlson

On May 20, 2010, The Northern California Chapter of the EDPA (Exhibit Designer’s and Producers Association) hosted a special spring event featuring nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, Colette Carlson.  The event was hosted at the headquarters for Blazer Exhibits & Events in Milpitas, California.

More than 40 guests attended to hear Ms. Carlson’s “Ask and you shall succeed!” program featuring her thought provoking and humorous communication and sales techniques.  The event was hosted inside Blazer’s warehouse and preview space.  The venue was accompanied by a fully assembled 900 square foot exhibit built by Blazer and Audio/Visual support provided by EDPA’s Northern California chapter President, Christopher Clark of Riverview Systems.

“Colette was very entertaining”, said Blazer Marketing, President of Blazer Exhibits & Events. “It was great to get together with people in the industry and share ideas and hear about new ways to effectively communicate with customers and prospects”.

You can learn more about Colette Carlson by visiting her web site at www.speakyourtruth.com.

For more information contact Blazer Marketing at marketing@blazerexhibits.com

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