Effective Custom Trade Show Booths in Chicago at the American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting

Effective Custom Trade Show Booths in Chicago at the American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting Banner

Major exhibit companies, like Blazer Exhibits, know that trade show booths in Chicago are some of the most revered trade show booth displays in the market today. Some companies find it hard to create a successful display. It takes time, effort and money to put up a booth that not only will introduce your company, it will also help you gain more customers in the future yielding to company profitability.

Putting up a trade show booth is easy so long as know the basic elements of an effective trade show booth displays or if you know a company who can do the hard work for you. Here are some of the things a company must consider in setting up booths.

1. Budget. Make sure that how your company would be shown to the public will also fit your company’s budget. You don’t want to go over the top without considering the ROI for your company.

2. Less is more. One of the current trends being followed by exhibit companies which set up custom trade show booths in Chicago is creating a simplified architecture. This allows customers to focus more on the products and services a company offers. The functionality of your display is more important than anything else. You want to have something that will be fully utilized not only by your staff but by all participants who will drop by your area.

3. Branding and message recall. It is imperative that a company is memorable for all the participants of an event. The logo should be unique and create recall whenever a customer sees it. The products, services and the booth itself should also show the branding of your company.

4. Home away from home. Your booth display should also make customers feel that it is a home away from home. It should make them feel comfortable and not awkward setting a foot to your display area. The people manning your booth should also be knowledgeable and be accommodating to attract more attendees.

5. Stop traffic. Part of setting up displays is to make sure that customers will notice your booth within seconds from when they set their eyes on your booth. Interactive materials will also help add engaging elements to your booth.

Trade show booth booths in Chicago will surely be present in this year’s American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) Annual Meeting. Over 1400 exhibitors are expected to attend the 2017 Annual Meeting. The AAEA is one of the leading organizations in the US for professional advancement in knowledge about agricultural, environmental, food and consumer as well as associated areas of applied economics and business. AAEA is a non-profit organization serving the professional interests of members working in agricultural and broadly related fields of applied economics.

With events like this, everyone should gain something from it. Interested to join and put up a booth for your company but afraid that you would not be successful? Just take the basic elements of an effective booth display. If you are still not confident, ask the experts, Blazer Exhibits, how.

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