Email Marketing: How to Do It Part I

Email Marketing: How to Do It Part I Banner

You’ve probably seen us mention pre-show prep and excellent trade show displays a lot on this blog because, well, it’s vital to your tradeshow success. A large part of that prep is email marketing, as mentioned numerous times. But, you may be wondering how to spread the word about your upcoming show attendance through email marketing without having a huge email list at your disposal.

Since you have to have people on your email list in order to actually send out newsletters and updates, I thought we’d give you some insight into how to build that email list. This is the first part in a two-part blog post that will cover some basic email marketing tactics, so stay tuned.

Step 1: Think like a human. Really. Day in and day out, I deal with SEO masterminds. These people know their stuff when it comes to link bait, onsite and offsite SEO, and all other matters of tricking Google. But, what most of these people lack is human insight. Sit down for a moment and think about what might prompt someone to sign up for your email list. Why would you sign up? What makes you hand over your email address? Then, use these tactics to generate sign ups.

Step 2: Tell people what to do. When someone visits your website, they want to be given as many directions as possible. Why? Because we are so used to following orders! Click here! Do this! Follow this! The whole concept of website design is based on a constant flow from one page to the next, a flow that makes good sense and doesn’t ask a person to think too much. Well, the same goes for your email campaign.

Try these direct tips:

1. Download your eBook now!
2. Start making money here.
3. Become a part of our exclusive club here.
4. Learn how to XYZ here.

Tell people what they will get if they give you their email address. But, don’t think that you can get away with not delivering, it’s not that simple!

Step 3: Make your word good. There’s a popular line of thinking that goes something like this: giving away our secrets is a really bad idea! Well, that’s not entirely true. People want to know that you know something about what you’re selling. How can they find out? By getting updates and newsletters from you that are full of really useful information and excellent content. Demonstrate your knowledge by letting people know how to do something. They will come back for more, and that’s the real key to successful email marketing – or any content marketing, really.

Step 4: Recognize what you aren’t good at. Can you actually write a newsletter? Can you create an email campaign or words on your website? How are your writing skills? Not so good? Realizing that you are great at one thing is the best advice ever given – realize that you are not good at everything is the second best advice ever given. If you can’t write, hire a content writer. You really don’t want to send out something to your audience that’s poorly written, it’s just a really bad idea.

Putting it All Together

Once you start generating a solid email list, you can begin sending out notifications about the upcoming show you are going to attend. This means that you have to get the rest of your show pieces together including your exhibit booth or trade show displays. Blazer can create trade show displays for you that really stands out, so make sure to give us a call today – we create custom displays for any kind of show that you will soon attend.
Remember to check back on this blog for some additional email marketing tips and tips about custom displays, and let us know if you have any questions.

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