Chicago Exhibit: eMetrics Summit Teams Up for Market Optimization

Technology is always evolving, ever changing. As they say, change is the only thing constant and that’s true! Even more so, change in the Internet is 10 times, if not double that, much faster. In a matter of 24 hours or less, the systems that we are using on a daily basis have made minor to major changes. It’s just the way technology rolls.

In line with this, the way we use technology has evolved tremendously! The internet is no longer just a virtual space where wires and Bluetooth transmit information. Today, technology lives and breathes. It is its own community of sub-communities. People use the internet to provide solutions to everyday problems from online banking transactions, to grocery shopping to actually putting a decent meal on the table. There is a technology to help us in any obstacle life throws at us.

But as our needs as humans evolve, how can we make sure that the way technology is changing is at par with our needs? Technology, at the very moment of its conception, was meant to be used as a leverage to improve human’s current state.

The founders of eMetric Summit have been aware that such a gap exists and aimed to create a system and methodology that the tech industry can use as a guide as we all move forward. From best practices to determine which type of data is now more relevant than ever, eMetric Summit aims to challenge the tech community to always keep the discussion open and alive.

The 4-day event has 3 major segments, the conference, the workshops and the social networking and exhibits.

The conference is packed with speakers from all over the tech community who have strong background in data analytics, customer relations and operations. These speakers come with an arsenal of experience backed by data from their respective companies.

The workshop segment offer offer two interesting and useful topics. The first is Fundamentals of Digital Analytics and the second one is Applying Digital Analytics. Both of which work hand in hand and each one lasts an entire day.

The third segment is the networking and the exhibits. Connect with people in the industry where you can mingle over drinks and have a discussion of the recent trends in data science. Attendees can also look around the exhibits where eMarketing Summit partnered with the most creative Chicago exhibit design companies. This is a great opportunity to showcase the best talents in from the city in terms of the exhibit booth and rentals industry. By far, this exhibit aims to be the best trade show display Chicago has ever seen

The exhibit will be filled with engaging booths and interactive displays to help highlight the importance data science plays in the world of technology.

Overall, every piece of technology is data driven. The success of an app or a system’s functionality relies on how the people in tech value the data that they get from the users themselves. It’s also best to realize that not all data have the same value. Knowing which type can applies to your kind of technology can help propel your product to success.

At Blazer Exhibits, we do it all from tradeshow booth displays design to setup – we’ll even be on site with you to make sure that everything goes according to plan. We are also happy to help you with an exhibit design booth for any upcoming show too. Simply call one of our representatives today, and we will work with you to create a display that really stands out.  Call us today!

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