Exhibit Design That Will Make You Stand Out In A Crowd

Exhibit Design That Will Make You Stand Out In A Crowd Banner

Exhibit design is all about creating something that can best exemplify your brand. In fact, the number one function of your exhibit should be to represent your brand in the most compelling way possible. You want attendees at your next trade show to be ‘wowed’ by your trade show booths, not necessarily because they are so over-the-top, but because the exhibit design is a seamless extension of your brand identity.

So, the idea of creative exhibit design is to design a custom exhibit that allows you to stand out by providing the most compelling design in the show. Sometimes, this means that you should pull out all of the stops and try and build something that impresses just by its sheer size, scale or unique layout. In other times, it means creating something unexpected in order to set your company apart from the rest of the field.

Altogether, trade show booths should be a venue for selling your image and the idea of your company (as well as your products and services). Good design helps you do this by creating a forum for your staff to do their best work. The design shouldn’t distract from your trade show staff and their ability to sell your company, but good exhibit design can certainly add to your image by imbuing your company’s presence with a sense of professionalism, fun, excitement or just about any other impression that you want to leave on passersby.

You’ve probably seen the trade show booths that really stand out to you when you are attending an expo or trade show. What do these trade show booths have in common? What was it that drew you in? Was it bright shiny lights and loud noises? A calming and soothing space that was an oasis in a sea of noise and cacophony? Perhaps it was just a smiling face and a kind offer? All of this can be used to help your exhibit designers better provide you what you have seen works in the past. It helps to be innovative and it’s always nice to be the one doing something different, but a lot of times the best exhibit design is simple and effective.

Next time you are at a trade show, take a second to recognize the exhibit design of a custom exhibit and browse intentionally through the other trade show booths. You’ll find that you can pick out what parts of design are appealing and which aren’t. You’ll know what makes you stand out, and whether it is in a good way, or not.

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