Exhibit Design Tips For An Eye-Catching Display

Exhibit Design Tips For An Eye-Catching Display Banner

When you are exhibiting at a trade show you want to make sure that your trade show display is able to stand out from the crowd, while being aesthetically pleasing. The layout of your display also dictates to a large extent how attendees will experience your exhibit and how comfortable they will be when browsing your booth. There are many exhibition design elements that must come together in order to create an engaging and attractive trade show display. Here are a few tips to make sure that your next exhibit is eye-catching and appealing to visitors.

One of the most important elements in an eye-catching trade show display is attractive display graphics. Display graphics should be creative, artful and designed to seamlessly integrate your company’s logos, imagery, brand colors and any slogans or taglines for your business. Display graphics also should be coordinated with brochures and other promotional marketing materials that will be available at the exhibit. Color schemes and graphics in banners, signs and displays should mirror the design schemes in promotional materials and reflect a cohesive design strategy for your brand.

Another important aspect of eye-catching exhibition design is the integration of interesting components into your trade show display. This could be designing a display that is more than just a simple pop-up or table. If your budget (and the space at the expo) allows for it, creating an exhibit which is a full space that attendees and visitors can wander around and engage with will really increase the degree to which your trade show exhibit can engage visitors.

Also, keep in mind that the geometrical structure and design of your trade show exhibit is important and can also be instrumental for setting apart your display from others. Thinking outside the box-shaped exhibit can really help. Try integrating cylindrical architecture or bolder shapes into your exhibition design. Also, consider mounting display graphics in unique ways, or at differing heights (although primary displays and signs should usually be mounted near eye-level). Lighting is another important aspect of exhibition design that can add enormously to the aesthetic appeal of a trade show display and make it much more eye-catching.

The possibilities for design are so many that creative exhibit designers today can feel like the possibilities really are limitless. Other useful techniques are the integration of unique materials, the utilization of modular design and leveraging technology in order to create a more engaging and interactive exhibit.

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