Island Trade Show Booths

When you have four sides to display, your messaging stands out from the crowd.

Island Booth

If flexibility is what you’re looking for, an island exhibit booth design is perfect. Island designs have picked up in popularity over the years, thanks to the complete versatility of these booths. If you’re considering an island display design, check out the following details.

Always Room to Expand

Physically, an island display booth includes one central portion (the island), and surrounding elements (additional walls, displays, and other features). The reason why island exhibition booth designs are easily expandable is that you can start with just a few surrounding elements, and add as your business grows. For example, you may decide that you only need the central island piece right now, but you can add a few different walls around your island piece as your grow your business. The bigger your business gets, the more information and design details that you’ll want to add.

You can also think outside of that popular box by creating displays that really stand out by using technology. Flat screen televisions can be mounted to any wall. You can also include a computer stand if you want your audience to interact with a product (great for software displays), set up workstations (amazing for interactive ideas and concepts), and add anything else that comes to mind to any wall surrounding the initial island center (the crux of it all). Technological elements like these ones are certainly a great idea, but that’s not all you can do with an island exhibit booth setup.

The Light Is Right

With a bigger display area comes more opportunities for lighting. When you think of a display booth, you may think of a few fluorescent lights. But, the world of lighting includes a lot more options for any kind of exhibit design. In fact, playing around with various types of light will shed some more (pun intend) light on your product or service. Think about lights that are set directly into your island display. Or, you can run lights of different colors along the underside of any wall space.

Just as you add different lights to create different moods inside of your home or office space, you can add various lights to your customized display area. As with color options, lighting creates moods and either attracts or repels customers, so make sure to work with a skilled team when it comes to light options and ideas. Another great way to make your island exhibit stand out is to work with your logo.

Some Logo Ideas

Sure, it’s a great idea to place a logo on your business cards, marketing materials, and brochures, but it’s also possible to add some slick logos to your actual display. Island designs tend to include rugs or floors that are welcoming and provide a sort of homey feel. A custom exhibition booth design team can inlay your logo right inside of the floor space, so that anyone walking into your private island will see your logo right away – this is one of the most impressive additions to any display booth!

If you’re into green designs, a team like the one at Blazer can create an eco-friendly island display for you too. Recycle materials and energy saving lights and technology can go a long way towards helping the earth out! If you really want your island to stand out, though, consider adding another layer to your display.

To Top it Off

When was the last time that you were in a convention center or attended a tradeshow? Do you remember how crowded the floor was with booths and displays? Now, think back to the type of display that captured your attention first. What did it look like? Chances are that you saw this display over all the rest, right? Why? It was probably a double-decker display, meaning that an additional wall was placed over the first wall, and the result was a display that stood out and above all the rest.

Adding another dimension to an island display by making it taller all around is an excellent way to really make your island stand out. If you don’t want to spend the money to create a really big island display, renting out this type of display is a good idea too (plus, it will help you determine whether or not an island is for you). Whatever your island exhibit design needs are, the team at Blazer can make it happen. We invite you to look at the other display-type articles on this site, and let us know what you’re thinking about.

When it comes to the world of display booths, there are many, many, different options – all customized to suit your business needs by the professional team here at Blazer. Give us a call today! We can’t wait to work with you.