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Rental Displays for Trade Shows

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Our trade show exhibit rental services are perfect for small and growing businesses interested in exhibiting at trade shows.

Designing and creating your own trade show exhibit can be an expensive process. If you plan to take part in several trade shows, it’s possible to justify this expense as an investment. However, if you’re exhibiting for the first time, creating your own exhibit is often an unnecessary cost.

Renting a trade show exhibit gives you the benefits of having your own exhibit at a lower, more manageable cost. Instead of spending your trade show budget on an exhibit, you can use your budget on advertising, sales and other revenue-generating efforts.

We offer trade show booth rentals for businesses of all sizes, from small booths designed for startups to large conventions suitable for enterprises and market leaders.

Would you like to learn more about our trade show displays and exhibit rental services? Call us now on 408-263-7000 to speak to our trade show experts and learn more about our trade show displays, or request a quote for your trade show displays online.

Why Rent an Exhibit?

If your business has a limited budget, renting a trade show booth can be a much smarter option than developing your own booth from scratch. By renting an exhibit, you can:

  • • Save money, letting you spend more of your budget on advertising, sales and other processes that help you generate leads, sell products and get a better ROI from your trade show.
  • Experiment with new designs and themes without creating your own exhibit, letting you try new marketing methods and reach out to your audience from a different angle without the financial risk of developing a completely new exhibit.
  • • Scale your design to match your needs by adding additional displays, changing your exhibit’s floor plan or renting accessories to complement your exhibit and generate more leads at your next trade show.
  • • Rent accessories such as tables, counters, demo stations and seating without spending your budget on items you might only use for one event.
  • • Take part in new events, including events in other cities and states, without having to transport your existing exhibit to a new location.
  • • Save time by preparing your booth in a small fraction of the amount of time you’d need to design and build a custom exhibit.

Successful trade shows are all about return on investment. By renting your exhibit, you can save money and put your budget towards marketing and sales campaigns that generate revenue and help you maximize your ROI from any trade show, convention or industry event.

Our Trade Show Exhibits

Our rental exhibits give you unmatched control over how your booth looks, all at a much lower cost than designing and creating your booth from scratch.

We offer a wide range of trade show booth rental exhibits. Our exhibits are fully customizable, letting you choose everything from your exhibit’s displays and color scheme to the layout of your booth. You have just as much control over your booth as you would if you were building it yourself.

Our team has provided rental exhibits to customers for over 30 years. Over the decades, we’ve found that most customers opt for one the following exhibit display options:


MultiQuad displays feature a modular aluminum frame that you can configure using a range of panels. This type of display unit is our favorite, as well as one of the most popular rental options for our customers.

Because of the modular design, MultiQuad displays are easy to customize to your needs. You can reconfigure the entire unit into a completely unique display in very little time by using your own custom graphics.

We offer trade show booth design services for our MultiQuad displays and can help you create the perfect booth for your brand and marketing message.

Features of our MultiQuad displays include seating and backlit graphics. The biggest advantage of a MultiQuad display is that you have full control over how it looks, letting you create an exhibit that looks as if it were made completely to your specs.

As our most popular display option, we recommend MultiQuad displays to customers that want a booth that doesn’t look like a “standard” rental exhibit. Please call 408-263-7000 to speak to our staff and learn more about our MultiQuad rental exhibits.

Portable Displays

Portable displays are designed for a combination of portability and customizability, making them perfect if you need an affordable rental exhibit that’s easy to transport and assemble on site.

Like our MultiQuad displays, our portable rental displays are fully customizable. You can control over the promotional material that appears on our booth, letting you design and create a display that puts your brand front and center.

We offer trade show booth design services for our portable displays and can help you create an exhibit that matches your brand and marketing message.

The biggest advantage of a portable displays is its simplicity. Portable displays are lightweight and easy to transport and assemble, making them a great option if you run a startup or small business and need an affordable display that isn’t overly complex to assemble and operate.

Please call 408-263-7000 to speak to our staff and learn more about our portable rental exhibits.

Rental Kiosks

In addition to MultiQuad displays and portable trade show booths, we offer rental kiosks suitable for startups, small businesses and individual exhibitors.

Our rental kiosks are ideal for situations where space is limited and a traditional display is simply too large to operate effectively. Rental kiosks are also a good choice if you have a limited budget and want to minimize your exhibit costs.

All of our rental kiosks can be customized with your own unique displays and banners. We offer trade show display design services and can help you create signage that matches your brand and marketing message.

Please call 408-263-7000 to speak to our staff and learn more about our rental kiosks.

Rental Accessories

We have a complete range of trade show accessories available for rent, letting you add items such as brochure holders and banner stands to your exhibit without having to purchase your own equipment.

Our catalog of rental accessories includes all of the items you’ll need for a successful event, from demo stations to shopping bag racks, counters, tables, seating and more. Many of our accessories can be customized with your own signage and marketing materials.

Please call 408-263-7000 to speak to our staff and learn more about our range of rental accessories.

Our Booth Design Services

Renting a trade show exhibit doesn’t need to limit your customization options. We offer a range of booth and display design services for our trade show exhibit booth rental clients, letting you modify your exhibit to match your brand identity and marketing objectives.

Our design process begins by getting to know your business, your brand and your objectives for the event.

If you already have a plan for your exhibit, our experienced team can help turn it into a reality. If you’re not sure about where to begin or what type of exhibit you’d like to create, our design team can contribute advice and even design an exhibit based on your marketing objectives.

We’ve been designing and building trade show exhibits for more than three decades, giving our team unmatched experience in the industry. From lighting design to exhibit layout, our designers can handle every aspect of your rental exhibit design process to help you achieve your goals.

Would you like to learn more about our design services? Read more about our booth design and customization services online or call 408-263-7000 to speak to our staff.

Contact Us To Get Started

From startups and small companies to large enterprises, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses successfully exhibit at trade shows. Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time and need expert advice or already know what you want to rent, our experienced team is always a call away.

Would you like to learn more about our trade show exhibit rental services? Contact our staff on 408-263-7000 to request a free quote and learn more about how we can help you prepare for your next trade show.