Exhibit Set Up: Get Help From The Pro’s

Exhibit Set Up: Get Help From The Pro’s Banner

At Blazer Exhibits & Events, we are a full-service exhibit services company. We not only design amazing trade show and museum exhibits, but we also help our clients with fabrication services and professional exhibit set up. Modern trade show exhibits have a lot of parts and pieces that need to go together just so, and even though recent moves towards modular design and other trends have somewhat simplified exhibit set up, it is still an area where many companies can benefit from professional assistance and advice.

If you are relatively new to the trade show scene, perhaps having just purchased your first trade show display or decided on a rental unit, you may be tempted to try and set the exhibit up with your own staff, instead of taking advantage of professional exhibit set up services. While this initiative is definitely to be applauded, we always recommend that you know a little bit about what you are getting into first. NEVER try to set up your trade show display for the first time, the day before the show only to perhaps find that you are missing parts or that the exhibit set up isn’t quite as simple as you had hoped.

At Blazer Exhibits we provide world-class exhibit design, but we also build exhibits as well. We are more than happy to help you out with your set up. Beyond the exhibit fabrication, set up can be its own beast as well. Definitely make sure that you take advantage of professional set up services, or at the very least practice setting up and tearing down your trade show exhibit a few times before you actually are going to be setting it up for the show. It’s also a smart idea to take an inventory of all the parts for your exhibit when you first get it and when you set it up successfully so that you can ensure that you have everything properly packed and shipped in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises come show day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that exhibit design is moving towards integrating more modular design techniques that not only allow for more versatility and adaptability in trade show displays, but also increase the ease with which these exhibits can be set up. So, when shopping for your new trade show, keep in mind these benefits may really help ease your stress when setting up for your next big show.

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