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Chances are that If you’re involved in technology, IOT, software, or anything related to or supporting tech, you may be considering exhibiting at CES in 2022. If you do not already know (which you probably do) CES is one of the largest trade shows in the nation and will draw thousands of consumers to the show floor to see that latest in technology.

The news that follows the show dates can shape how consumers and businesses forge ahead the next year. Exhibiting at CES should be planned well ahead of time, and with the guidance and support of a great exhibiting company, you can make it a lucrative and very worthwhile investment if done thoughtfully and with bold strokes.

Exhibiting at CES 2022 with Xirrus rental booth solutions and trade show displays.

Making a bold and impressive statement at the show

Ordinary exhibits get lost at CES. Making bold and creative structural and graphical decisions will make an impression. CES is all about first impressions and your exhibit as a whole will need to be creative and eye-catching while projecting your brands’ message and focus for the show. Regardless of your budget, you can make a dynamic and spectacular exhibit that not only draws in attendees but also leaves a memorable impression. Stretch your imagination when developing your booth and you will be ecstatic with the results.

Give Aaway a big ticket item

Bringing company-branded items seems to be the typical fair at CES and other large events. The overall value of these items from a marketing standpoint is very minimal for any return on investments. Most attendees just grab what is made available to them from any particular exhibitor. After they leave the venue they probably have dozens of pens, dancing robots, coasters, and very low-tech gadgets that will be discarded over time. We have a great article here Choosing the right trade show giveaway items for your upcoming events about quality giveaway items and how they better represent your business and create a quality ROI.

Larger quality giveaways tend to leave a more memorable impression and can make customers out of prospects if you are targeting businesses to engage with your team for partnerships or as providers. There is no rule that your big-ticket giveaway needs to go to a random set of attendees. target those prospects!


Create an interactive environment where attendees can get invested with your technology or offerings

Recently the world’s current situation can make hands-on activities a bit challenging, but if protocols are followed, gloves are worn and surfaces cleaned there is no reason that attendees cant take your software, app, or technology through its paces! Make things and hands-on as possible to get the all-important buy-in.

Blazer Exhibits can guide you through the entire process from development through exhibiting and all the logistics involved. Turn-key custom and rental exhibiting are what we do best. Exhibiting at CES 2022

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