Exhibiting At The Job Fair

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If you have ever had a booth at a competitive job fair, you know that it can be an experience that is completely different from exhibiting at a trade show. Although, the booth exhibit that you will see at most job fairs will not be nearly as elaborate or intricate as the exhibits that you will see dotting the trade show floor, there is still room for exhibit design at the job fair. And the tactics that you will be using to stand out and to achieve your goals at the job fair will differ considerably from those that you would commonly employ at a trade show.

Exhibit design at a job fair should be simple and alluring. It should be designed to set your company apart, but shouldn’t be overly loud or complicated. It’s probably not necessary to throw a bunch of money at your booth exhibit for the job fair. You don’t need it to be super flashy, but rather simple and functional.

The goal at a job fair is obviously quite different from your goals at a trade show. Whereas, at the trade show you are trying to promote your company and your products in order to gain recognition, get sales leads and network to develop partnerships and strategic connections, the job fair is your chance to lure the best talent to your company. It will typically be a good point to get your company recognized by potential candidates, although the actual hiring process will largely proceed after the event in most cases. That’s why exhibit design can take a backseat to pragmatism and functionality.

Good exhibit design should always be as much about form and function as it is about aesthetics. If your booth exhibit is focused too much on the aesthetic side and neglects other functionality such as an intuitive layout and structure, you will sacrifice a lot for the better looks. Especially when you are exhibiting in a situation where you are attempting to attract talented employees, rather than woo consumers, you should focus on making sure that your booth exhibit is able to convey prestige, intelligence and confidence. That way you will attract individuals with similar qualities and achieve your goals of wooing the best and most talented candidates.

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