Exhibiting? Don’t Forget The Accessories And Add-ons!

Exhibiting? Don’t Forget The Accessories And Add-ons! Banner

So, you’re setting up your trade show display and you have all of the main design picked out, the parts are ordered and you think you’re all set, right? Not yet. If you really want your trade show exhibit to ‘wow’ your attendees you’ll need to make sure that you have all of the extras that can take your exhibit to the next level. Just having a single pop up display, or three walls to your exhibit is likely not going to provide the level of interactivity and engagement that you seek. Your company should seriously consider bolstering the basics of your display work with auxiliary table displays, kiosks, display graphics and more.

The goal in developing a trade show display that will really get attendees interested in your company and brand is to create interest. The way you create interest is by providing engaging content that will make attendees want to know more, to get involved and to be more receptive to your brand message. To do this, it is a smart idea to supplement your basic display work with additional pieces that spotlight a particular product, provide an entertaining and engaging experience or even just a separate area that can be designated for presentations, mini-seminars and the like. Even by simply utilizing auxiliary table displays and additional display graphics you can make your exhibit seem much more engaging and add a lot of interest. This also gives you a place to put all of your marketing and promotional materials. After all, you probably can’t hang everything on the walls!

If you are trying to take your pop up displays to the next level, you could consider adding interactive kiosks with built-in iPads that can provide an engaging experience for visitors and a more interesting way to tell your company’s brand story or allow attendees to explore your company’s history. You might also consider including auxiliary table displays and setting them up with paper materials and brochures or interactive displays. Depending on your budget, leveraging technology like interactive exhibits and smartphone apps can also take your trade show display to the next level. Simple pop up displays simply don’t cut it in a lot of cases these days–at least not if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd at the trade show.

Don’t forget about the importance of good old-fashioned banners and display graphics for attracting attention to your booth, however. Technology can’t replace everything and well-designed and intuitively placed graphics are key to a beautiful and eye-catching trade show exhibit.

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