Exhibiting For The Uninitiated

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If you are new to trade show exhibiting, you will be surprised to learn that it isn’t rocket science to create an eye-catching booth and attract attention to your company in a big way at your next trade show. It may not be rocket science, but there certainly is some skill involved. First of all, there’s the selection of your trade show design. That’s what we specialize in here at Blazer Exhibits & Events. We make custom exhibits and also do modular and display rentals as well. We can help you stand out and look your best at your next trade show or event, whether you are going for the fully-customized exhibit or just a simple portable booth.

Once you have the design aspect figured out, its time to make sure that you can actually make an impact when you are on the trade show floor. This might surprise you but exhibit design is only one part of this equation. The other part, which is equally important, is making sure that you have knowledgeable and professional staff who can engage attendees and get them interested in your booth.

Engaging passersby means that you should use all of the materials at your disposal. Your trade show exhibit, whether a simply pop-up display or a portable booth in the middle of another event, should be supplemented by eye-catching graphics and marketing materials. You want to have something visible to draw people in and also some brochures or pamphlets that you can leave them with. Staff are essential to engaging trade show or event attendees as well. Graphics only go so far. You need someone to actually look attendees in the eye and say: “Hi, can I show you X.”

Back on the logistics side of things, your exhibiting will be short-lived and nervous if you can’t face your accounting department after the big event. So, that’s why you should look into cost-saving measures such as used displays or display rentals. These options really can save you some money and probably don’t require nearly as much compromise on design or visual impact as you may imagine.

When exhibiting, always remember that you are doing something that will allow your company to connect with, learn from and promote your business to other professionals and potential customers in the industry. This is worth spending some money, and if done intelligently you can get an excellent return on your investment both in marketing impact and in simple lead generation.

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