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Many trade shows take place inside large cavernous buildings, but what about when you want to show off your company in an event that takes place outdoors. This kind of an application requires different exhibit design and oftentimes other equipment and materials that are more suitable to outdoor exhibiting, including the portable display. There are a number of trade show ideas that are uniquely suited to exhibiting outdoors in public as opposed to being indoors.

A portable display will allow you to exhibit outdoors more easily, but there are other concerns to consider as well. Of course, if you are using electronics of any kind you will need to find a source of power, which could require the use of a generator or other portable power source. But, being outside with interactive kiosks will provide an additional novelty to many people.

As far as exhibit design is considered. Outdoor venues provide a more wide open space and reduce the need or utility of additional lighting. They also typically demand a more open floorplan that usually amounts to less need for materials to build the overall structure of the display. This is also demanded by the needs of portability. A portable display needs to be transportable and unpackable easily. Modular exhibit design can facilitate this, but it will also be necessary in most cases to use lightweight materials in order to make the display portable.

If your company is looking for a unique way to get in touch with your customers and the general public, you should seriously consider doing an exhibit at an outdoor event. Although, inside a trade show you will experience considerable competition for attention with other companies, if you can gain access to provide a display or exhibit at a public event, you could attract additional attention which can help gain additional exposure for your company and your brand.

Although exhibiting outdoors requires innovative exhibit design and the need of a portable display, it can potentially provide considerable return and is one of the most unique trade show ideas, because it allows you to bring the trade show to the public in a unique venue (outdoors) that adds additional interest and novelty.

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