EXHIBITOR Magazine Is A Finalist For The ASBPE Magazine Of The Year

EXHIBITOR Magazine Is A Finalist For The ASBPE Magazine Of The Year Banner

EXHIBITOR Magazine has long been recognized as one of the premier periodicals covering the trade show industry. It already has won several awards for its journalistic and design prowess and is now up for an additional award after news that the ASBPE (American Society of Business Publication Editors) has named it as a finalist in the magazine of the year category.

EXHIBITOR, which was founded in 1982, has been providing news, commentary and generally excellent content covering many major expos and providing a wealth of excellent trade show ideas from marketing tips to commentary on exhibition design. The content from the magazine has impressed many in the trade show industry and given the magazine a strong and devoted following inside and outside of the industry.

Although the magazine covers many aspects of the trade show and event industry in-depth, it primarily focuses on marketing and prominently features marketing tips, advice and techniques as well as profiles on companies who have excelled at providing an innovative and unique trade show presence, especially from a marketing standpoint.

ASBPE, who nominated EXHIBITOR for the award, is an association of editors, writers, art directors, and designers who are employed primarily in the business press. They are perhaps best known for their Azbee Awards which recognize superior talent in online content and design. ASBPE was founded in 1964. EXHIBITOR is up for 13 Azbee awards in addition to the nomination for magazine of the year.

In fact, EXHIBITOR is known for putting on its own awards for exhibition design and excellence in trade show and event marketing. These awards, called the Exhibit Design and All-Star awards respectively, are given out annually to companies which excel in each of these categories. There are a number of nominees each year that go on to compete for the ultimate prize, a prestigious honor in itself.

Covering trade show ideas and news since 1982, the EXHIBITOR magazine is probably the premier magazine within the industry and it is always good to see good writing and good journalism gain the recognition and honors that it deserves.

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