The Credit Union National Association is the largest national trade association in the United States serving 7,000 American credit unions. Part of their services to credit unions includes representation, information, public relations, continuing professional education and business development.

This June 24-28, 2017, another big event is being organized by the patrons and partners of CUNA, the 10th year of the Americas Credit Union Conference to be held at the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada. The 4-day conference with their theme “Discover” will have a daily unique focus matters. – Inspiration, Disruption, Resilience, and Engagement.

June 24. Pre-opening of the American Credit union conference and women empowerment sessions. A whole day of workshop and networking to the power women of the industry. With six sessions going thru until the second day of the conference, the workshop focuses more on the “Inspiration” aspect of the expo.

June 25. Continuing on the second day, a small credit union roundtable is scheduled to provide small credit unions with an opportunity to learn about resources, share ideas, and collaborate on a wide variety of issues. The grand opening of the exhibit hall is an event not to be missed. As the trending trade show booth designs will showcase their best designs in order to impress the attendees of the conference. The Las Vegas trade show rentals will feature top of the line trade show booth designs (provided by )to the exhibitors with the vision to outsmart the previous events.

June 26. The day opens with a kickstart with the exhibitors. Attendees will visit the exhibitors. Companies with an impressive trade show booth design will be on the top list to visit. Series of sessions awaits the participant for this day, as Brett Culp and Guy Kawasaki will discuss “Building the culture of leadership” and “Lessons of Disruption” on their 3 part Executive 3-part series. Brett Culp is the co-founder of “The rising Heroes Project” which supports charitable organizations and community leaders, while Guy Kawasaki is the guy who conceptualized the “evangelism marketing”. Aside from these interesting keynote speakers, there are also 3 industry trend sessions and 5 breakout sessions with happy hour in between.

June 27. Another day that starts with an exhibitor interaction. 7 break out sessions and 4 industry trend session are in line for the participants. Plus the part 3 of the executive 3-part series with the keynote speaker Ms. Mel Robbins – a versatile business talent, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, corporate trainer and award-winning CNN Contributor. Your mind will surely be filled with interesting ideas that she will share.

June 28. Closing ceremonies with the last general closing session by Neil Pasricha to tackle about Happier People, Happier Organization. He is the pied piper of happiness, an author, a blogger, a speaker and an expert in what keeps us happy.

More events are in line with the rest of the evening during the 5day event for the participants such as Topgolf Interactive Golf, Reba Brooks, and Dunn concert, and Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil. For more information about the event, visit their website

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