It’s almost summer and people are looking for somewhere to go, something to do and something to eat! This June 25-27,  another delicious event will be heating up, the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show happening at the Javits Center New York. This will be their 63rd year and it’s getting more exciting every year. With various food choices, innovative products, and worldwide exposure, this is indeed a show not to be missed.

Food is one of the basic needs of the human. So whats new? The Summer Fancy Food Show is not just showcasing foods but custom trade show booth as well. During this 3-day event, various programs and showcase are in line for the attendees and exhibitors as well. First one is the Business matchmaking wherein buyer will meet face-to-face with the supplier. They have a separate venue outside the main trade show display area in order for them to have a quiet place to talk about their businesses.  A pre-registration and scheduled appointment is required.

Another part of the event is the “New level Up Attraction”. This session focuses on the upcoming consumer food trends including setting up a custom trade show booth as an asset to your promotions. Actual food tasting on the featured futuristic product. The level of attraction requires a premium pass and you should pass the prequalification requirements set by during the registration. (hint: you should be part of a specialty food industry). Access to 6 super sessions and special events awaits the approved participant that includes attending the awards ceremony, sessions by top personalities in the specialty food industry such as Jon Taffer, and Phil Lempert to name a few. Your payment will surely pay off with the above numerous privileges.

What’s new? What’s hot? This is a specialty section offered to exhibitors where they can have one step ahead of other exhibitors. A custom trade show booth will be placed nearest the entrance, the exhibitor will place their showcase products that will drive the attendees directly to their booth. Limited categories and slots are available at a premium cost.

This years’ featured country is TURKEY. So expect a lot of hummus, kebabs, and pilafs. Wonder what innovation they can present with their wide variety of dishes, delicacies, desserts, and drinks. Will we see rainbow colored lahmacun, a seafood borek, a to-go menemen, or a bite-sized pie? Whatever it might be, this event will be very interesting. Going to Turkey will not be needed as they will come to the trade show displays New York

Previous years’ attendance reached to 40,000++ unaudited, showing that this is an event that many people are waiting. With the numbers released, business owners, restaurateurs, and suppliers are rushing to have their companies included on the next years’ event.

To get the details of the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show, registration, exhibitors, suppliers or press, visit their website at They also have Winter Fancy Food Show, something to look forward to.

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