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Food Galore and Awesome Custom Trade Show Booths at the TRA Marketplace 

Want to know the latest in the Dallas, TX trade show exhibits? Want to hear the innovations and breakthroughs in the industry? Then, you better be sure that you’re attending the upcoming TRA Marketplace trade show happening on July 9, 2017.

The registration and sign up dates to have your own custom trade show booths will be on July 7, 2017 – July 10, 2017 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Join in on the Food Fest!

Texas is one of the biggest and hottest growth markets for the restaurant industry, with over $52.4 billion sales projected by end of 2016. They cover over 42,500 eating and drinking establishments in Dallas, where every $1 million spent in Texas restaurants yields an added 26.3% jobs in the area.

The yearly restaurant and foodservice convention at the TRA Marketplace is open to the Texas Restaurant Association. It is one of its kind in the Southwest and by far the biggest. The event has been backed by TRA’s 80 years of spearheading the industry, but it is unique and packed with opportunities.

Currently on its 80th year, the TRA Marketplace never fails to amaze visitors with their interactive displays, state of the art products, tools, and equipments, plus the use of breakthrough technology and the latest advice from the restaurant industry leaders of today. Numerous chefs, restaurateurs, and industry executives attend over the 2-day period and over 500 exhibitors participate, showcasing various crafts from exquisitely prepared food products and craft beverages to mobile technology, linens, kitchen equipment, security, supplies, and much more.

Show Off What You’ve Got

As the leading and biggest foodservice show in the Southwest of the USA, the TRA Marketplace is a part conference and part trade show that showcase various products and services; bringing together restaurant owners, chefs, executives, educators, and consultants – all in one place!

Simply put, it is a great and powerful marketing platform for your business. Exhibitors, guests, and companies who wish to show off more than just gizmos, gadgets, or appliances should attend this event. Entrepreneurs who wish to open a restaurant or start a food business are just some of the people who should come and attend this much-awaited extravaganza in the Lone Star States.

As a participant, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to go around the exhibit floor and witness boldly designed booths and set ups. Are you expecting to see a robot kitchen? Why not! Tech advancements have made creative designs even more playful and engaging than ever.

If you’re at a loss on what type of design or booth to set up for such an important show, do consider hiring the expertise of professionals. Blazer Exhibits has been around for decades and have done a consistently stellar job for the biggest companies and service providers across America. They can help you develop, create, and pull off even your biggest exhibit or trade show dreams.

Call them at 1-408-263-7000  for quotes or inquiries.


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