For Trade Show Displays, ‘Used’ Is No Longer A Dirty Word

For Trade Show Displays, ‘Used’ Is No Longer A Dirty Word Banner

What do you picture when you hear the term ‘used car’? If you’re like most people it’s probably some beat up junker sitting on the edge of a dealership with a neon sticker on it and some gap-toothed guy in a tacky tie waving at you from the lot. The term ‘used’ has become somewhat of a dirty word in America the past few decades. Why would anyone want anything that has been used? We want the brand new shiny things, right? Well, that is changing somewhat and its a good thing that it is.

At least as far as trade show displays go, used exhibits have come quite a long way. With the advances in materials and the versatility that is provided by new design trends like modular design, trade show displays have advanced to the point where used no longer should have the connotation of sub-par quality.

This is good, because used exhibits are often much more inexpensive than brand new ones are. Why? Partly because some people think that they would be getting a product that is less likely to last and more likely to look worn out. But, that’s okay. Their loss is your gain. And you can now get used exhibits for a steal. That gives you more money to spend on customizing and tweaking your trade show displays to perfectly match the needs of your business. With the money that you save on trade show displays by going with used displays instead of brand new, you are able to have your cake and also have a great deal on your trade show exhibit. (Disclaimer: Blazer Exhibits & Events does not provide free cake with any of your trade show displays).

That cake will also taste extra delicious when you eat it, because you have the knowledge that not only did you save a bundle of money by going with a pre-owned display, but you are also helping the environment. In fact, you are helping the environment more than that big company that spared no expense going with sustainably-sourced wood and high-efficiency lighting in their brand new custom exhibit. Even if your used display may not come with all kinds of fancy marketing materials lauding its sustainability chops, reusing old materials is even better than getting new ‘sustainably sourced’ ones.

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