Franchise And Business Expo Showcases Franchising Opportunities

Have you ever considered purchasing your own franchise? If you are looking for an investment opportunity that provides you a measure of control as well as a model for running a business that is already proven, you might be interested in franchise business opportunities. The Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo which gets underway in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Duke Energy Center on February 9th, will showcase all of the different opportunities for potential franchisees.

And the exhibitors are well aware of the potential for face-to-face marketing that this expo provides. Even without fancy products to display to attendees, the trade show environment provides an excellent venue for companies to pitch their franchises to potential customers and for networking and keeping up with others in the industry. Exhibitors from some of the largest and most recognizable franchising companies will be on hand to court qualified prospects. Exhibitors putting on trade show displays include Jimmy John’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Maui Wowi Hawaiian.

“These shows are the ideal way for people to experience our franchise concept first hand and understand why it is one of the most flexible and highly touted opportunities in the quick service industry,” said Justin Livingston, the director of global franchise development at Maui Wowi. Maui Wowi is a fruit smoothie and drink franchise that hopes to find more talented franchisees to expand its business and brand at the upcoming expo. Maui Wowi, like hundreds of other companies will take advantage of the fact that the Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo is known for attracting serious attendees that have the capital and desire to enter into the franchise market.

The expo is different from many trade shows in that the primary attendees who are targeted are prospective investors rather than consumers. This creates an interesting environment where entrepreneurs schmooze with companies who try to win their capital and show off their brand and their business model as the most lucrative and successful.

Many of the trade show displays that are showcased on the expo’s website as examples of success have been simple pop-up display affairs. It seems that investors are more interested in the content of the presentation and the meat-and-potatoes information about a given company, than being wooed by ostentatious displays and visuals.

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