Get Organized To Stay On Track At The Trade Show

Get Organized To Stay On Track At The Trade Show Banner

A trade show is a massive event. A typical trade show will include hundreds if not thousands of exhibitors as well as classes and presentations of all kinds. If you are going to be exhibiting, putting on a class or presenting a keynote, you must make sure that you are as organized as possible in order to get the most out of your time at the trade show. Getting organized is one of those trade show ideas that leads most directly to success in your other trade show goals.

Logistics TipsAnd speaking of goals, it is a good idea to establish what your goals will be for your next trade show. This means determining what exactly you want to get out of the show. It also means that you should figure out a plan of action for achieving these goals. This is the basis of getting organized and planning out your trade show visit. If you are exhibiting, much of this will be centered around how to get the most out of your exhibit booth.

Exhibitors need to maximize the impact of their exhibit booth in order to recoup the considerable investment of time and money that a trade show presence represents. Part of this is simply creating a compelling exhibit. Blazer Exhibits & Events can certainly help you there, so contact us if you need help deciding on what kind of trade show ideas you should go with from a design perspective.

As for maximizing your own time, it is a good idea to research as much as possible what is going on at the trade show you will be attending. Take a look at all of the exhibitors and pick and choose those whose exhibit booth you would like to visit, either to network or just to do a bit of research on your competitors. You should also take advantage of the many presentations, classes and social events that are available at many shows.

To find time for all of this, make yourself a detailed schedule and agenda and stick to it as much as possible. You don’t have to be totally rigid (if you run into an important contact or an old friend, don’t hesitate to catch up over lunch or drinks), but if you want to maximize your time you’ll need to plan out where you want to be and when.

Also, don’t forget to document and take notes about the show. Unless you have a photographic memory, these notes will help you in the future and allow you to reconnect with contacts you made as well as remember that crucial big idea that you were inspired to.

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