How to Get On the Tradeshow Agenda

How to Get On the Tradeshow Agenda Banner


Your marketing budget is everything. It’s how you will get your message out to the world, after all. So it makes good sense to be sure that every dollar from that budget is used wisely. If you’ve been to a few shows in the past but didn’t get that much exposure, it might be a good idea to get on the tradeshow agenda. When you become an actual part of the show, it’s hard for people to miss what you do. Here’s how to accomplish that task.

Be on Target: tradeshow organizers want speakers that directly pertain to the audience attending a show. If the company is all about your specific industry and you can be seen as an expert, get in touch with the show’s PR team. Tell them about your company, what you do, and how you can really contribute to the show.

Have a Plan: speaking at an event doesn’t mean getting up on stage and giving your best sales pitch. It means presenting attendees with content. Content? Yes, content! Give those people listening to what you’re saying the things that they want to hear. Bring useful, helpful, and informative talks to the table, and be ready to answer questions. You will gain recognition just from speaking at a conference – no sales pitch needed.

Craft a Good Pitch: I just said that you don’t need a sales pitch when you’re speaking at a show, but you will have to pitch to the PR team in order to convince them that they need you. Put some thought into how you will come across, what your pitch will look like, and how you will prove that you are the person people will pay an entrance fee to see.

Demonstrate Your Credibility: what will conference organizers get out of having you on the list? You can’t just expect people to know that you are credible, or that you are valued in your industry. You have to show these things to the PR team, so that you can prove how much worth you have.

Making It All Matter

You may not want to attend shows where you can’t be a speaker. Sometimes, it simply doesn’t pay off to attend a show that you can’t speak at, but sometimes it does. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of attending a show as an exhibitor and showing up as part of the actual conference. If you’ve been to the same show before, you may only want to go if you can be a part of the conference this time around.

If you’re going to attend a really big show, it’s really important to try and get on the agenda list. Not only will the show do the marketing for you when they send out details about speakers and companies that are part of the conference, but you can spread the word to your clients and social media followers too. People that respect what you do will want to be a part of your upcoming show.

What Blazer Does

Our part in making sure that any show you attend is successful is providing you with the best trade show booths available. Our experienced design team will work with you to create trade show booths, and a booth display that stands out. Further, we will send one of our experts to the show to set up your booth display for you as part of our added service offering – ask us about setting up and taking down your exhibits.

Trade show booths that stand out is more than half of the battle when it comes to any trade show. Getting up on stage and showing attendees that you have knowledge about your industry will seal the deal. Try to get on the agenda, and let the world know that you know your stuff!


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