Global Pet Expo Smashes Records

Global Pet Expo Smashes Records Banner

The latest trade show to smash records is the recent Global Pet Expo which was held in the last week of February in Orlando. The trade show showcased several thousand new pet products (that’s a lot of pet toys) and had over 5,00 buyers, which represents a 5% increase in the number of buyers from the previous year. Impressive exhibit design was on display on the trad show floor, but of course the major attraction was the pet watching with birds, dogs, cats and several other breeds of pets all available to oggle and even pet at the various pop up displays.

The record-breaking showing for the Global Pet Expo demonstrates the impressive growth that the entire pet product industry is undergoing. It seems that pet owners are spending more than ever before on their pets. The industry is posting impressive numbers in terms of the number of products sold in the areas of grooming, food, toys, health products and more. There were nearly 200 exhibitors all showcasing their new products and services at the recent show and many bringing their pets to augment their pop up displays.

Exhibit design was decidedly playful and bright to match the joy and excitement that pet owners feel when they are spending time with their beloved cat, dog or even tarantula. Companies at the trade show weren’t just showcasing updates to last year’s products either. The show boasted the larger number of product launches that it has ever witnessed, with over 3,000 new unique pet products including self-cleaning fish tanks and automatic doggy doors.

Exhibitors from all over the world attended the popular trade show as the expo decidedly lived up to its name. Almost a third of the attendees were international as well, with international buyers present from almost a hundred different countries across the globe. The Global Pet Expo was definitely even more global and international than ever before. Many of the visitors were impressed with the innovative pop up displays and exhibit design. It’s a bit impressive that the design was even noticed over all of the adorable animals that were romping around the trade show floor.

Pet ownership is at an all-time high and it seems that there is no sign that the industry will be slowing down any time soon. In fact, with more people owning pets than ever before the industry projects growth in nearly every sector in the next year and most major companies are posting impressive growth as well.

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