Custom Exhibit Design Services

Custom Exhibit Design Services

Creating the perfect trade show exhibit is what our design professionals do best. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating just the right show structure and graphics for your marketing needs.

Blazer Exhibits & Events

Blazer Exhibits & Events offers many different trade show booth services, from large format printing to museum exhibit design. But as a company that has been providing effective exhibit design and creation since 1983, our first love is trade show graphics — so much so that we still have an entire wing of our facility devoted to this area of our business!

Our professional design team takes you through all phases of graphic design and production, from our creative director to our graphic designers, final production artist and finisher.

We work in a variety of materials and textures, including hanging signs, pop-up murals, backlit signs, detachable panels, tension fabric structures and more — so we have the versatility to create the exact look you want for your exhibit. We also work with high-quality materials and large format printers that create crisp, vivid images for your exhibit display.

Exhibit booth design services

Our exhibit booth design services let you customize your trade show booth to your exact specifications, helping you stand out and attract attention at your next trade show.

We offer large format booth design services for customers interested in developing their own custom trade show booths, as well as customers that use our exhibit rental services.

Designing a customized trade show booth designs gives your business the chance to stand out, attract attention and generate a higher return on investment from your next trade show. Over the last three decades, our team has designed a wide range of booths for a diverse range of clients.

Whether you run a small business, a rapidly growing startup or a large enterprise, our design team can design and create a trade show booth that meets your needs. We offer a complete service, from prototyping to developing signage for your exhibit.

Blazer’s Full Suite of Trade
Show Booth Design & Exhibit Services

Our services range from prototyping and signage design to all-in-one booth design and development services. With more than three decades of experience, our team can draw on a wealth of experience to make sure your booth is eye-catching and effective.

Because our custom booths are made to your specifications, we can accommodate a range of designs and booth layouts to match your needs as an exhibitor. We typically work with booths and exhibits using the following configurations:

Pop-up displays contain a large graphic panel held up by a flexible, highly portable frame. These types of displays are inexpensive and easy to transport, making them an ideal solution for small businesses and startups that want to exhibit at a trade show without any extra costs.

Because pop-up displays are built around a banner, they’re easy to customize to your needs. A pop-up display is a great option for your first trade show, especially if you’re exhibiting on a low budget and want to maximize your results while limiting costs.

To learn more about our custom pop-up displays, please contact our team on 408-290-9132 or request a quote online.

Truss exhibits use a strong truss structure to house your exhibit. Exhibits of this type are usually large, with space for many attendees to view your products and interact with your sales team at the same time. Truss exhibits usually have large displays and hanging promotional signage.

Because truss exhibits are larger than pop-up displays, they’re an excellent solution for growing businesses and enterprises that want to stand out from the crowd and be viewed as authorities within a specific industry.

To learn more about our truss exhibits, please contact our team on 408-290-9132 or request a quote online.

Hybrid booths combine elements from different exhibits, such as the large structure of a truss exhibit and several pop-up displays. Booths of this type give you more flexibility over your exhibit space and let you create a unique booth that matches your brand identity.

Because of their flexibility, hybrid booths are ideal for startups and established brands that have a mid to large trade show budget and an understanding of exactly how they’d like to look next to other exhibitors.

To learn more about our hybrid booths, please contact our team on 408-290-9132 or request a quote online.

In addition to the booth types listed above, we can design and build customized tension fabric exhibits, panel exhibits and banner stands to your specifications.

Why Design a Custom Booth?

Designing and creating a custom trade show displays has several advantages, from helping you effectively communicate your marketing message to giving your business a lasting asset that you can use for multiple events. With your own custom booth, you can:

Save Money

Save money by reusing your booth for multiple trade shows, helping you maximize your return on investment and spend significantly less over the long term than you would by renting an exhibit for each event.

Match your booth

Match your booth to your brand that’s designed entirely for your business, giving you total control over the marketing message you deliver to your target audience.

Choose a custom layout

Choose a custom layout so that you have space to demo your products and offers, let your guests sit down and interact with your sales staff, showcase a specific product and design an experience that’s unique to your business.

Buy accessories

Buy accessories such as tables, counters, demo stations and seating without having to rent accessories and extra equipment for every event.

Store your booth between events

Store your booth between events and always have an exhibit ready for an upcoming trade show or event.

Prep process

Enjoy a smoother event prep process by reusing the same booth for multiple trade shows instead of reconfiguring a rental exhibit for each event you take part in.

Ready to Learn More?

We recommend custom booth design to businesses that have exhibited at trade shows before and understand what works for them, as well as growing startups and large enterprises with a specific message or brand identity that can’t be communicated using a rental exhibit.

From startups and small companies to large enterprises, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses successfully exhibit at trade shows. From all-in-one design services to developing your plan into a real, functional booth, our team is always available to discuss your requirements.

Would you like to learn more about our exhibit booth design services? Contact our staff on 408-290-9132 to request a free quote and learn more about how we can help you prepare for your next trade show.

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