Green Exhibiting: Reusing And Recycling Old Trade Show Displays

Green Exhibiting: Reusing And Recycling Old Trade Show Displays Banner

A lot of the waste that is produced by the trade show industry includes trade show display parts that are used once and then tossed. Add to this the fact that many exhibitors also produce quite a bit of literature that often makes it to a garbage can within a few short hours and you have an industry that could certainly improve on its sustainability track record.


Blazer Exhibits & Events is committed to helping the industry clean up its act and reduce waste. The easiest and best way for us to get involved is to make sure that we promote the reusing and recycling of trade show displays in order to reduce landfill waste.


If you have an old trade show display that you are going to throw out or no longer need, you can donate it to us and we will find a use for it. We can either repurpose it, or reuse the materials in many cases. If we are unable to do either, we will find a good home for it and someone who can use it. It’s not just about saving the environment, it’s about being more efficient in the way that we use materials.


Efficiency isn’t just about economics, either. So, next time you are considering a ‘build and burn’ exhibit because of the financial benefits, consider the impact that this type of action may have on the environment.


A great way to make sure that your trade show display is both effective and sustainable, is to rent an exhibit instead of purchasing one. This is doubly true if you are planning to purchase a trade show display that you will only use once or twice. Instead, consider renting an exhibit. We promise that you will be impressed with the lineup of rental options that we have available here at Blazer Exhibits & Events. As well, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about the future of your trade show display, it can be reused again and again with minimal impact on the environment.


If you are thinking that you might rent an exhibit, contact us here at Blazer Exhibits & Events. We offer a variety of very high-quality rental exhibits that allow you a higher level of versatility and come with the extra piece of mind that you are exhibiting with an eye to the greater imperative of sustainability, while also helping your bottom line.

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