Hanging tension fabric signs for your next trade show exhibit

Hanging Tension Fabric Signs

When you think of hanging fabric the first thing that probably goes through your mind is a branded circular or square.  At any given trade show, you see these in tandem with island and other larger exhibiting structures.  These are a great way to get your corporate logo high and visible from across the show floor.

Hanging Tension Fabric Sign

Shapes and styles galore

Square and circular hanging tension fabric signs are fantastic, but you are definitely not limited to just a few shapes!  Hanging tension fabric signs can be very creative and sometimes the alternative hanging fabric sign shapes can take a great exhibit and make it spectacular one by pushing your eye from the ceiling right into the exhibiting space below.


Unlimited customizable hanging tension fabric sign shapes

Blazer has the ability to create custom shapes and sizes so you can let your imagination free to explore near endless possibilities.  Pinwheel signs, paddle signs, circular signs, square, oval signs, rectangle and cube shapes are just the tip of the iceberg!

Hanging Tension Fabric Sign

Light weight durable hanging tension fabric signs need no tools to assemble

Most hanging tension fabric signs are built from lightweight extruded aluminum and then hung from the ceiling from specified points. The hardware uses a click and lock pin system that allows for tool-less assembly. The frame is covered with a hidden zipper pillowcase style graphic that compliments the structural exhibit below.  That makes these hanging tension fabric signs extremely lightweight and easy to pack.

Hanging Tension Fabric Sign

Hanging tension fabric sign sample gallery

There are some really great examples from many talented companies that have taken the typical and turned these hanging tension fabric signs into eye-catching pieces of structural art!  We thought we would gather a few to inspire your next trade show hanging tension fabric sign.

Hanging Tension Fabric Sign


Hanging Tension Fabric Sign


Hanging Tension Fabric Sign


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