Health Forum Leadership Summit Amazing San Diego, CA Exhibit Designs

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Trade show exhibit displays are now becoming effective tools in marketing campaigns. Everyone will agree that some of the most fascinating and engaging booths belong to the San Diego, CA exhibit designs.  From years of experience and learnings, participants of the annual Health Forum Leadership Summit have perfected the art of setting up effective trade show exhibit displays.

From simple booths and designs, some organizations have come up with advanced set-ups. Here is a list of design elements from previous forums, which were taken into consideration when trade show displays were set up by some of the Health Forum Leadership Summit exhibitors.

  1. 1. Branding and Space. Your booth should always be a reflection of the company you represent. It must show the vision, mission and core values of your company. One of the best ways to do it is what exhibitors call the 360 branding. People should notice who you are from all sides of your display booth. Graphics and making your statement is a sure way to do it. Even meeting spaces wherein participants can get comfortable talking with your staff should also show who you are representing.
  2. 2. AV and Interactive Materials. Flyering may still work for some but in this modern day and age, industry leaders are taking advantage of what Internet and gadgets have to offer. One way of doing it is setting up an AV presentation that will continuously play what your company has to offer. Interactive touchscreen monitors are now available in the market and most experts use them to gain more traction and attracting customers. If budget will not allow it, you may opt for tablets, which are far more affordable but will also allow your customers to interact and know what the products and services you offer.
  3. 3. Data Capture. A must! To make sure that you have leads that you may use in the future, getting the information of everyone who visits your display area is something you need to take into consideration. You may go for the simple logbooks or be as advanced as capturing the data using different computing devices.
  4. 4. Giveaways. This is related to branding and provides an impression and recall on who your company is. Visitors will feel more appreciated when souvenir items are given to them. One tip though, make sure it is something than everyone can use and not something that will be thrown away after the event. To be safe, a nice little pen with your company name, website and number will make wonders.
  5. 5. Staff. Knowledgeable and presentable staff, that is. These people will be your front liners and will represent who your company is. Make sure that these are people who excellent in handling different types of people and who know your company inside and out. They must have a welcoming and approachable aura so people won’t hesitate to visit your booth.

On July 27-29, the 25th Annual American Hospital Association Leadership Summit will take place in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA. This forum brings in the industry experts to share innovative ideas, insights and strategies to help improve and manage the changing health care industry. It will be three days full of insights and ideas that will enable you to transform your organization. Highly respected award-giving bodies in the medical field will also be present to recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations.

Business conferences are now becoming platforms to showcase companies. Start joining events and get pointers in setting up amazing exhibit displays by visiting Blazer Exhibits today. Call us at 408-263-7000.

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