TX Trade Show at Texas High School Coaches Association Convention

TX Trade Show at Texas High School Coaches Association Convention Banner

Everything is bigger in Texas. This has always been the mantra of almost everyone in Texas when asked to describe the lone star state and it could never be been as accurate as it should. Everything is indeed big in Texas and that includes their high school sports program. Texas high schools have always been at the top of almost every competitive sports programs in the country. These schools have been good training grounds for athletes and a haven for college school recruiters and professional sports scouts. At the helm of these sports programs are the coaches. Texas coaches have prided themselves on having a winning tradition. Many of these coaches have experience in competing at the big stage and at the national level. One thing that binds these coaches together is the Texas High School Coaches Association-THSCA.

Getting to know the THSCA

The Texas High School Coaches Association is set to have its coaching convention and coaching school. This is one of the biggest events for the association and they are partnering with one of the top trade show exhibit companies to bring the best Houston, TX trade show displays. Indeed, the THSCA has become one of the successful coaches’ associations in the country. This association was founded in the 1930s when 28 high school coaches decided to come together and start an organization that will provide support to other Texas high school coaches. In 1933, the THSCA launched its first coaching school and it has continued to sponsor similar activities ever since. The goal of this association is to provide a venue for all Texas coaches to continue learning and improving their craft and to support them in every way that the association can.

Joining the THSCA

There are several reasons why every Texas high school coach should join the Texas High School Coaches Association. This year, members will get to join the annual coaching convention and coaching school in partnership with a Houston, TX trade show displays firm which is the best among trade show exhibit companies. Aside from that, members get a lot of benefits from being a part of the THSCA. This association provides a lot of opportunities for its members to improve as a coach. The THSCA coaching school provides every lesson a coach will need to succeed. From the fundamentals to the most advanced levels of coaching, this coaching school will equip its members with everything necessary to become winners. Along with that, the name of the THSCA carries with it the prestige of being successful coaches. Coaches get the chance to identify and carry with them the prestigious name of the THSCA as members. They also become a part of a network of coaches that are ready and willing to provide support and representation when needed. Imagine the impact of having the THSCA provide a recommendation when one of their members is seeking to be employed as a coach.

The Texas High School Coaches Association Convention and Coaching School will be from July 23 to 26, 2017 at the George R. Brown Convention Center n Houston Texas. Be there and join the top caliber of coaches.

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