How Interactivity Can Take Your Trade Show Exhibit To The Next Level

How Interactivity Can Take Your Trade Show Exhibit To The Next Level Banner

If you want to limit the interest in your company and your products, make sure that your trade show exhibit is as static and unengaging as possible. If, on the other hand, you are interested in attracting as many people as possible and leaving the biggest impression on attendees, you should strive to increase the level of interactivity that your trade show displays provide.

Here’s the situation. You’re at the trade show in order to get your brand message out there to as many people as possible. But, you don’t want to do this by simply pounding attendees over the head with your slogans and ideas. Just because you hand everyone a brochure or you talk to every person who visits your trade show booth, doesn’t mean that they will retain any of that information or think of your company the next time that they need help. This type of passive one-way information exchange isn’t as effective as creating a more engaging exhibit design. That’s why interactivity is one of the most important trade show ideas to ensure that you are maximizing your time at the show.

Trade show displays that integrate interactive elements allow attendees and visitors some control over their experience, and this greater engagement equals greater retention and understanding of your company and your brand. So, what kind of exhibit design ideas will provide you with greater interactivity. We can provide you with some ideas, but the possibilities really are endless and you should let your creativity run wild.

In your quest for greater engagement, interactive trade show ideas can run the gamut from performances that engage attendees as volunteers or subjects to a simple QR code that is attached to an intriguing piece of information or a short slogan to take advantage of the virality of curiosity. Your entire exhibit design should provide for a dynamic experience that integrates engagement with the perception that attendees have control over their own experience at your trade show booth. Resist the urge to bombard them with experiences and messages at all times. Instead, create opportunities for engagement and interaction that use organic and simple exhibit design to create curiosity and intrigue.

Exhibit design can facilitate deeper engagement on its own, but integrating technology like interactive computer displays or smartphone apps into your trade show displays can also facilitate this increased interactivity. Again, the goal is to allow visitors to want to get more involved by piquing their interest, not by forcing them to listen.

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