How Much Does That New Display Smell Cost?

How Much Does That New Display Smell Cost? Banner

 New trade show exhibits are becoming more reasonably priced thanks to more advanced and efficient fabrication techniques and the proliferation of cheaper durable materials, but to save even more money companies should consider display rental or purchasing refurbished or used exhibits. Everyone wants that shiny new display smell, but with the increased durability of displays, you can save some significant coin while also getting a higher-quality display if you opt for a rental or a pre-owned exhibit.

If you’re a Fortune 500 company, you don’t need to make a trade-off like this, but for the rest of the field where businesses are looking to cut costs while maintaining performance, the trade-off is one that should seriously be considered.  As noted earlier, improvements in materials mean that used exhibits are often indistinguishable from their brand new counterparts (except for maybe that new display smell that we referred to earlier). And, if you decide to go used you can also likely afford more display for your money. What would you rather have in your inventory, brand new pop up displays or a full-featured truss display with the extra bells and whistles?

Of course, exhibit display rental has even more advantages over buying new. The main ones being that you don’t have to worry about storage or even transportation and shipping in many cases. This saves a lot of hassle and a lot of money too. And with the advent of modular designs for trade show exhibits, you can often get a highly customizable exhibit even in a display rental. The trade-offs are truly getting fewer as the technology develops and more people realize the advantages of display rental and pre-owned exhibit purchase.

Rental and pre-owned exhibits may not be for everyone, however. Companies with a more demanding specifications may need to have a custom exhibit built for them, but there are many ways to simply add on to a used exhibit or a rental with additional pieces. Hang a few banners and put up some other display graphics and you’ll have a whole new look to your pop up displays. If you want to go further you could purchase some banner stands to put around your exhibit, or add interactive kiosks and tweak the lighting. There are many different ways to stand out at your next trade show without breaking the bank.

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