How Technology Is Changing How We Design an Exhibit Booth

How Technology Is Changing How We Design an Exhibit Booth Banner

With the changing dynamics of marketing and technology, it is imperative that you are up to date with the current trends in the exhibition industry before you begin to design an exhibit booth. Technology has made the exhibition field a cut-throat competition to get noticed and win the prizes. You don’t want to be left behind with the myriad of innovative ideas that technology has brought. Now more than ever, technology has become an integral part of attendee and exhibitor experience.

Using technology as a tool, you can improve your overall experience and get better returns. Here are some of the ways technology is changing how we approach the design of a custom trade show exhibit booth.

Incorporate virtual reality when you design an exhibit booth

The use of virtual reality is a new practice in the trade show industry. Exhibitors are using virtual reality to create an immersive experience in their exhibit booth design when showing products or conducting tours. This improves personal interaction while allowing your attendees to become a part of the experience. As technology continues to take major leaps in virtual reality and 3D projection, it is expected that more than 15 million VR headsets will be sold in 2019.

Product augmentation

There is a new growing trend among brands to try and bridge the gap between offline and online interaction. Product augmentation is one of the most effective methods that is currently being employed. Basically, this involves pairing the physical with the digital. For example, most brands will have an already established Facebook page that they would want their audience to have a look at. They will have Facebook stickers such as ‘Like Us on Facebook’ or even promote through a hashtag.  This certainly brings with it the digital capabilities of sharing more information and can be an important consideration when planning to design an exhibit booth.

LED monitors and display videos

A well-designed exhibit booth will not only attract an audience but also keep them engaged. When they design exhibit booths, most exhibitors will be focused on attracting traffic and rarely about improving the experience for visitors once they enter the booth. Using colorful screens and video displays of your product will make the attendees stick around for longer and you can leverage this. You can also provide a real-time demo on how your product works and this will certainly give you the opportunity for new prospects.

Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity

Providing Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity will be an added incentive for your attendees to stay in your booth. Offering these services increases the level of engagement among your guests while also giving you an edge against your competition. You will be providing something that is quite unique and very essential, especially to the digitized audience.


The advent of digital platforms has enabled personalization to be such an important element in today’s business. Think about companies like Starbucks, Amazon or Netflix. They have a high customer loyalty because of their personalization strategy which makes them edge out the competition. You can take the mystery out of personalization by using mobile event apps that tailor each attendee’s content according to their needs. This will make them feel connected with what you are offering as well as increase your booth capabilities. CrowdCompass is a great example, providing an app that enables users to interact with it and automatically tailors content according to the data obtained.

Charging stations

In a world that relies more and more on chargeable digital devices, providing a solution as part of your exhibit booth design can be a real lifesaver. This will not only attract people to your booth but will be a service that they can really appreciate. And while they are in the booth, you can let them know about your product or service.

Digital signage

Long gone are the days when you could use paper prints to indicate direction or tell people about your business. Today, digital signage is being used to bring the brand message to life while offering a customizable option to pass on vital information to the audience. And what’s more? When you design an exhibit booth with the help of experts, you can use any color, size or font that you want, making it more visually appealing.

Technology is changing how we design our exhibit booths by bringing more life and interaction to otherwise drab elements. This is proving to be revolutionary and most exhibitors who have embraced technology are already reaping the full benefits of an increase in sponsors and investors. Our custom trade show booths are designed with this in mind to leverage the power of technology.

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