How To Boost Morale For Your Trade Show Staff

How To Boost Morale For Your Trade Show Staff Banner

Running a trade show booth and taking care of all the other miscellaneous tasks that need to be attended to during a trade show can be a lot of work. That’s why it is really important to make sure that your staff knows that they are appreciated and that you keep morale high. This not only is the right thing to do, to make sure that everyone feels like their contributions are valued, but it will help improve the general performance of your team as well.

Showing Gratitude Demonstrates Appreciation And Reduces Stress

There is so much that needs to happen quickly during a major show for everything to come together and work well that there is bound to be a significant amount of stress on the shoulders of your team. Make sure that you are not only telling your team that you appreciate their contributions, but showing them that you do.

You can do this by taking everyone out to a nice dinner or lunch just prior to the show and casually focusing the conversation on the importance of all of their contributions. Resist the urge to question how prepared they are at this dinner and just focus on team-building and gratitude for each individual’s contributions. You might also consider giving out care packages for your team with small gifts that show that they are appreciated.

Focus On The Team During The Trade Show

Once the trade show starts, the stress levels are going to jump and everyone will have a job (or many jobs) to do. Make sure that you are managing your staff efficiently and ensuring that all of your bases are covered, but also ensure that you stop to take a breath and focus on the importance of the trade show and all that your team has accomplished to get your trade show booth set up and running smoothly.

Ensure that staff gets adequate breaks during the show, and consider small team-building tactics like a morning breakfast where you go over how well everyone did and what’s in store for the day. Also make sure the team gets recognition within your company by taking a team picture (or two or three) at your trade show booth and posting it to your company’s Facebook page or internal newsletter. People like to be recognized for their contributions. Make sure that they are and they will be happier employees.

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