How To Create A More Engaging Trade Show Booth

How To Create A More Engaging Trade Show Booth Banner

Your trade show booth can be a very effective vehicle for promoting your company and brand. But, in order to do this most effectively, you will need to make sure that you are maximizing your space and leveraging the best exhibition design in order to encourage attendees to engage with your trade show display. There are many different ways to create a more engaging trade show booth, but there are three main tactics which are commonly used to achieve this overall goal.

Create An Exciting Environment

The effectiveness of exhibition design can be judged, to a large degree, by how much excitement the trade show display generates in passing attendees. Do attendees see your trade show booth from across the room? Are they drawn into it? Does it create interest and curiosity once they are there? Utilizing innovative exhibit design, plus eye-catching large graphics, interactive kiosks and all the rest.

Educate To Foster Interest

This is a very effective way to not only promote your brand, but to generate additional interest and intrigue. Some ideas for using education to increase engagement include puttting on a mini-seminar on a particular topic that your company has demonstrated expertise, setting up kiosks to play an interactive program that tells the history of your brand and more. Many people who come to your trade show booth may be drawn in by the exhibition design and the large graphics and signs, but they will stay because they get interested in your company, it’s history and it’s operations.

Facilitate A More Interactive Experience

Obviously, for a lot of people, engagement and interactivity go hand-in-hand. Not to beat a dead horse here, but those interactive kiosks really are great for a lot of things and this is obviously one of them. The cost can become significant, however, especially for those who are going to be hiring a team to design custom programming that adds interactivity. This is a great way to both educate and increase engagement, but the cost-benefit trade-off has to be examined closely.

There are definitely other ways to use interactive exhibition design to make your booth more interactive. Consider running contests or giving attendees ways to create and mold their own experience. Hiring a consulting firm that specializes in gamification might give you some good ideas. That way you aren’t only relying on the design and your large graphics banners to keep attendees’ attention.

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