How to Design a Creative Exhibit Booth for a Medical Trade Show

How to Design a Creative Exhibit Booth for a Medical Trade Show Banner

Designing an exhibit booth for a medical trade show needs a delicate balance between the aesthetic appeal and communicating the real value of medical science that your product or business can offer. You want a display that is going to grab the attention of the attendees as well as inform them of what you are offering in precise terms.

With the upcoming medical trade show in Moscone Center, you want a design that is going to stand out from the crowd and win you the merits. A team of creatives will need to fully understand your brand in order to come up with the best ideas. This will go a long way into future medical trade shows such as the following to be held in Moscone Center.  

  • CDA18 California Dental Association
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America 2018
  • Anesthesiology 2018
  • The Liver Meeting 2018 AASLD
  • Heart Rhythm 2019 40th Annual Scientific Sessions

Our team will explore all the possibilities and vital factors to ensure a return on investment on all your custom trade show exhibits.

In designing the ultimate exhibit booth for use in the next medical trade show, we look at the following things:

Attractiveness and style

It’s a fact that your trade show booth must be attractive to draw visitors. Just like other trade shows, a medical booth needs to be visually appealing with eye-catching visuals. This will incorporate colors and signage that captures attention at the first glance. Vertical displays are especially effective and can be seen in all directions. High quality of the graphics, high-resolution images and a nice overall layout is also a must. All signs should be legible and focus should be placed on your product or service.

When arranging your booth elements, they should be placed in a manner that does not block other elements from view. Do not cram too much information in a limited space. It is always wise to include the finer details in small legible font that anyone can read close by. In a general sense, the colors that you choose for your medical booth should be balanced between bright and cool. Overdoing it will be counterproductive to what you intend to achieve.

How engaging is your exhibit?

Most medical booths will endeavor to be overly academic and solely focused on the technicality of the medical field. This is in fact counterproductive. It only serves to create a somber atmosphere and does not necessarily attract buyers or interested parties. To avoid this dullness, the level of engagement must be high. Medical professionals are only human and will appreciate a level of engagement that evokes more interest in your device or service. Featuring an open space designed for demonstrations and presentations will encourage participation from those who enter your booth. Even more creative would be to have gaming elements, video games, pop quizzes and other fun activity related to your medical field.

How information-rich is your design display?

The purpose of a creative exhibit booth is not only to catch the attention of the attendees but also inform them about your product or service. An information-rich display will go a long way in convincing interested parties as well as raise the profile of your business to potential buyers. This is especially so in the medical field where trust is the first step to acquiring a new customer base. In designing your exhibit booth, make sure all illustrations are information rich and not just aesthetic elements. Information richness is key to capturing the trust of new prospects while giving you are return on investment.

Keep it simple and interactive

It is important to not get lost in the details by trying to capture so much yet yield so little. A simple design will work best especially when there is an interactive aspect to keep the audience engaged. For example, your medical booth can have a less formal approach and promote more of a human experience. Short video displays coupled with clean lines, will add to the overall flair. In the medical field, think about cleanliness, sterilization and let your exhibit display promote those ideals. Do not forget to keep it professional at the same time. In some cases, FDA may have strict guidelines of what to include in your display design and what not to include.  

There is a lot that goes on in the design of a medical trade show exhibit booth. Considering that there are literally hundreds of other booths in the event, you want yours to stand out from the rest.

We are one step ahead when it comes to creating your custom trade show exhibits, and our experienced team will certainly offer what is best for you.

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