How To Get Attention At A Trade Show

How To Get Attention At A Trade Show Banner

On a crowded trade show floor, getting people’s attention isn’t half the battle, it’s more like 75% of the battle. It’s all about making sure that yours is the booth that is interesting enough to at least merit a walk by. But, getting this attention isn’t always easy.  So, how do you actually get people to pay attention to you and check out your trade show display that you and your team have worked so hard on for the past month or more? Well, there are a number of different ways to get people’s attention, and at trade shows you have to be creative in order to be effective.

You may think that just getting some large graphics with colorful big block letters and something catchy will garner you enough traffic at your next trade show. Well, it depends on the show of course, but that likely won’t be enough, especially for most of these really large expos that are one giant extravaganza of color, motion and sound. If you want to really stand out you need to do it with creative exhibit design that sets your company’s booth apart from the rest of the businesses at the trade show.

Exhibit design is really only part of the equation. But, it is a very large part of the equation considering the fact that the design of your trade show booth is likely going to make the first impression on the attendees at your next trade show. So, before you decide on an exhibit design make sure to look at all the different options and try to pick something that will convey the best impression of your company and your brand, while also allowing you to stand out from your competition. If you need some inspiration, check out our booth gallery where you can see a number of different options for  trade show booth styles and designs.

Don’t assume that getting attention with design is all about large graphics, loud colors and crazy designs. Standing out doesn’t always mean shouting out. In fact, in a trade show situation, a booth that has the most pleasing minimalist design may actually draw more attention simply because it is seen as a refreshing oasis as compared to the loud designs of the other booths. If you take a look at some of the best designs in our booth gallery, you’ll notice that exhibit design is more than just showing off.

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