How To Get Ready For CES: Last Minute Tips

How To Get Ready For CES: Last Minute Tips Banner

CES 2013 is less than a week away and companies and exhibitors have begun ramping into high gear to make sure that they are prepared for the popular consumer electronics trade show which is expected to draw 150,000 attendees from the industry and many more legions of press and reporters.

In the run-up to the event, we’ll go over a few last minute things to make sure that you keep an eye on in order to ensure the most successful trade show displays and demonstration of your brand during the expo.

First, make sure that any signage for your booth is ready to go and that you have a plan for how to best display it in order to advertise your brand to the trade show attendees.  Signage is essential because it is the most prominent representation of your brand at the trade show and also the primary way that people will find your trade show exhibit.  If your signage is not attractive or eye-catching enough it will not draw people to your setup.

CES is the largest consumer electronics trade show on the planet.
CES is the biggest consumer electronics trade show on the planet. (photo by via Flickr)

Secondly, make sure you have looked into all the promotional opportunities that are offered for the show.  CES offers a wealth of different ways to promote your brand and your exhibit including through luncheons, dinners, member lounges, CES TV, on-shuttle advertising, banners and much more.  The deadlines to get your info in for much of this have passed at this point, but if you are looking to make your brand stand out and drive more people to your trade show exhibit you can still do some last minute promotional work.  Visit the CES website at for more.

Lastly, make sure that your PR materials and machinery are all ready to go and that you have downloaded and reviewed the CES Exhibitor PR Kit which is packed with ideas on promotion, communication strategies and tips for holding press conferences and drumming up additional publicity.  Remember, your brand will be prominently on display and there will be an estimated 6,000 journalists and bloggers there to critique your every move.  It’s absolutely crucial to make sure that you establish a PR presence and communication strategy for the show.

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