How To Get The Most Out Of A Trade Show As A Small Business

How To Get The Most Out Of A Trade Show As A Small Business Banner

Trade shows can be very beneficial to businesses of all sizes, even small businesses which are just starting to find a foothold in the market and are looking to start their aggressive expansion and growth. If you work for, or own a small business, and haven’t given much thought to the benefits of being at a trade show, you probably should. Not only is trade show attendance an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and get the word out about your nascent business, but it is also an excellent way to network with suppliers, generate leads and customers and find out more about the marketplace in which your company resides.

 As a small business, trade shows can sometimes be expensive. Actually, they can be expensive for any sized business, but with less of a marketing budget you will probably feel the pinch a bit more than your larger brethren. That said, if you can afford to exhibit at a trade show, you should probably do it. Trade shows may be the single best way to network with industry professionals and establish strategic partnerships and crucial brand awareness in your industry, and in related industries.

If you are going to exhibit, you will want to think outside the box in terms of exhibit design. You don’t want to spend way more than you can afford, and the cost of exhibiting can be substantial when you factor in design, fabrication, shipping, storage, staffing and the rest. So, in order to minimize these costs, try to find an exhibit design that provides something different from the norm, without breaking the bank. Blazer Exhibits & Events can help you do this.

Another thing you might want to look into in order to save costs, is display rental. Renting an exhibit can save you considerably, because you can usually limit your costs for shipping and eliminate storage and exhibit design costs altogether. Display rental is a great way to be there and have an exhibiting presence, and avoid destroying your bottom line in the process.

As a small business, regardless of concerns about exhibit design and display rental you should attend the show even if you can’t afford to be an exhibitor at this time. There are so many other opportunities for education, networking, market and competitor research and more. Make sure to choose at least one trade show each year and get there.

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