Innovative Use Of Space Can Add Functionality And Interest To Your Trade Show Exhibit

Innovative Use Of Space Can Add Functionality And Interest To Your Trade Show Exhibit Banner

Trade show exhibits can often be designed in ways which are very static and not very engaging. The classic trade show booth, for example provides only a single space for exhibiting and doesn’t have any other interesting sections or spaces which can be opened up and used for other means, such as side meetings or additional mini-exhibits to spotlight a particular feature, product or experience.

The creation of additional space or the crafting of space into something unique and engaging is a very functional and useful facet of exhibit design. Simply creating a unique and interesting space within your trade show exhibits can provide you with a much more intriguing exhibit than your competitors as well as create space for meetings, side presentations or additional exhibits. There are many ways to design additional space into your trade show exhibit and it will add a significant amount of interest to your exhibit beyond the normal booth design.

There are many different ways to create additional space. Designs can be as simple as an arch or nook, to fully enclosed rooms and even second story build-outs. All of this can turn your exhibit from something that attendees may simply glance at in passing to a destination which demands attention and really brings your company’s presence to a whole other level.

Add a innovative use of display graphics and lighting to your exhibit design and you can really have trade show exhibits that will stand out. This kind of exhibit may seem like a totally custom affair, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are ready-made designs which can be applied and tweaked so that you can have a trade show exhibit with all the ‘wow’ factor in the exhibit design and not as much on your face when you see the bill.

At Blazer Exhibits & Events, we are all about creating unique and beautiful trade show exhibits that ‘wow’ your customers and give your company a stand-out presence at your next trade show or expo. So, if you are looking for ideas or simply have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason.

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