Join Forces, Succeed Together – WBENC 2017 and the Las Vegas Trade Show Displays Supplier

Join Forces, Succeed Together – WBENC 2017 and the Las Vegas Trade Show Displays Supplier Banner

In the past, women have lesser or no rights at all on a lot of things. A woman, does not have the right to vote, does not have the right to talk in public places, does not have the right to be a country leader, does not have the right to study, and a lot more. This does not happen in America alone but the whole world. But after centuries, women finally achieved their fight for their right. In America, it was 1920 when women are first allowed to vote, and Hillary Clinton was the first female American to be voted as the President of USA.

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), in its 20th year, organized the National Conference and Business Fair at Las Vegas Nevada – June 20-22, 2017. It is the largest conference of its kind for women business owners in the US attended by senior executives, and procurement representatives from the Fortune 500 and the US government, and select partner organizations whose missions align with the company’s vision of expanding women’s business opportunities in the marketplace. Parts of the program are a workshop, student entrepreneur program, matchmakers, women enterprise forum, wellness and evening events. These programs will surely enhance the knowledge and creativity of the attendees that will help them develop more products or services for their businesses. The networking session will give them an opportunity to meet women who are the same passion in stepping up of their comfort zones to be acknowledged and recognized in their chosen field. This year will be the inauguration of their new program the NextGen meeting, where attendees below 40 will meet together to share experiences and attend workshops that will boost their eagerness to achieve bigger goals at an early age.

The event is not purely business, they have a program for wellness with various topics like health risk assessment, exercise challenge, distressing activities or answer nutrition question, massage and yoga class and go the distance challenge. At night, they have a welcome reception, silent auction, dinner, an awards ceremony and motor city launch party. The ladies sure know how to have fun.

Showcasing girl power through the exhibit

More than 200 woman owned companies participated in the previously held WBENC Conference. Their custom trade show exhibits featured the products, services, and merchandise that was truly inspired and innovated by ladies to have a world class appeal and standards. Blazer Exhibits, the provider of the Las Vegas trade show display joined forces with WBENC to produce one of a kind exhibit to highlight the strongest side of the women in the most feminine way through their custom trade show exhibits specifically designed according to the creative organizers and exhibitors of the event. Blazer Exhibits is the leading trade show display provider for exceptional events like this that is gender specific. They have a team of individuals who can deliver your design requests and booth assembly promptly and professionally.

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