What Kind Of Trade Show Display Should You Use?

What Kind Of Trade Show Display Should You Use? Banner

Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or have been around the block and back a number of times, the first thing you need to figure out once you commit to exhibiting at your next trade show is what kind of trade show display you should get?

LogisticsTipsThere are so many options out there these days and you can get the most out of all of the different types by speaking with someone here at Blazer Exhibits & Events. We’ll make sure that you get the display that you need, whether it is something simple like table displays and pop up displays or a more complex custom exhibit.

But, what kind of exhibit should you choose? Well, that’s a question that has a much longer answer, although we can give you a bit of a basic guide here. If you are looking to save money and just purchase a basic display that will give you something to stand by and put literature on, then you should go with table displays. To give you a space to put your signage and display graphics, you might look at one with a tension fabric wrap.

Taking a small step up from the table display, you can look at pop up displays which provide a backdrop that you can hang materials on and a bigger more noticeable presence. They cost only slightly more and the advances in materials mean that you can get a very durable and impressive display that won’t break the bank.

If you desire something that is a bit more involved, you could augment one of the former displays with some additional floor standing signage or perhaps some display graphics suspended from the ceiling. Or, you could step up to a multi-piece custom or modular exhibit. We have just about anything you could possibly want here at Blazer Exhibits & Events. If we don’t have it exactly as you want it, then we will design it to meet your specifications. Just drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

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