What To Know Before Choosing A Trade Show Display

What To Know Before Choosing A Trade Show Display Banner

It is well established that participating in a trade show can confer many benefits on your company. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, increase visibility and thus sales and to network with other professionals (and potentially the public or prospective customers). But, while attending a trade show can be a rewarding experience in its own right, you can’t get all of these benefits without becoming an exhibitor.

Corporate BrandingGoing From Attendee To Exhibitor

If no one in your company has ever attended a relevant trade show before, it is probably a good idea for you to send a few employees to a show that you are considering exhibiting at so that you can get a good idea of what the atmosphere, expectations and requirements will be for when you make the leap from attendee to exhibitor.

But, before you field your own trade show display at a trade show, you have several decisions to make. Exhibiting at a trade show requires no small amount of time and financial investment so it’s crucial that you make sure to develop a clear plan of what you need and what you hope to achieve. This will be very important to know when you first speak with a trade show booth design company.

Translating Your Trade Show Strategy Into A Design Choice

At Blazer Exhibits & Events, we specialize in translating our clients’ visions and goals into the most effective trade show booth design choice. When you first make that initial cursory internet search just to see what kinds of trade show display types there are out there, you may very well be overwhelmed with all of the different options. From portable to modular, hybrid to custom, pop up displays, tension fabric, truss displays, banner stands and more; there are definitely no shortage of trade show booth designs to choose from.

That’s why it is important to have a clear strategy in place and to communicate to the representatives from your chosen trade show booth design firm. Your goals are absolutely crucial for us to know in order to be able to provide the right guidance on what kind of display to choose. While the choice is ultimately up to the client in the end, there is a lot of guidance that we can provide and it is most useful and beneficial if you can provide a clear plan of why you are exhibiting, at what show you are exhibiting and what you are trying to get out of your trade show presence.

Why Do You Want To Exhibit?

There are many different reasons why a company may be exhibiting at a trade show. These reasons can be general (to raise awareness of your brand and improve your professional network within the industry) or specific (to announce the launch of a new product). Often times, you will be exhibiting because of a combination of these or similar reasons. Make sure that you let your trade show booth design firm know about your intentions so that you can get the best advice on a trade show display design.

Logistics: They’re Not Just For Shipping

Once you have a strategy and goal in mind for your upcoming exhibition, you need to familiarize yourself with the exhibitor requirements that the expo provides. What are your options? What will you need to work around?

These questions are the last step before you can really pick the best trade show display for your needs. Usually trade show organizers will provide a packet of information which will give you all of the different options for exhibitors, their costs and the related logistical info. It’s important to look at all of this and bring it with you for your initial meeting with a trade show booth design firm.

Of course, before you choose your trade show display or commission a custom one to be designed, you need to have the answers to all kinds of logistical questions. How much space will you have? Will you have power? Are their restrictions on this power? Where will your booth be located? Are their noise regulations or other restrictions that may affect design choices or limit your options?

Providing the logistical information to a trade show booth design firm along with your overall goal and strategy for the booth will allow us to best work for you and find the trade show display that will best meet your needs.

Design Preferences: The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

After you have taken all of the other steps, you will need to make some decisions about your design preferences. That is, what do you want your trade show display to look like?

This is the final piece of the puzzle. Because a trade show display is a fundamentally visual affair, Blazer Exhibits & Events will work hard to create the most appealing and beautiful trade show booth design that we can. Here again, access to branding, marketing materials and logos can help us to provide the most authentic trade show display design we can. Your input into these processes is always welcomed and encouraged.

If you have any questions about trade show booth design or want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us and request more information. Don’t forget, we’re here to help you succeed as an exhibitor and, more generally, as a business.

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