Know Your Displays: The Pop-up

Know Your Displays: The Pop-up Banner

If you aren’t too familiar with all of the jargon and vocabulary that gets thrown around in the trade show industry (especially in relation to certain types of exhibits and events), it can be a little overwhelming. So, in order to help all of you better understand the different types of pieces and parts that go into a trade show display, and to understand the displays themselves we’re going to bring you some information about each of the more common and popular trade show displays. Today, we’ll start with one of the more common and most basic: pop up displays.


Understanding pop-up displays and trade shows for effective event planning.Pop up displays are common and popular because they are affordable, portable and easy to set up. They may not provide the most flexibility or versatility in terms of exhibit design, but they do provide an easy-to-use setup that makes for an effective and simple trade show display. Pop up displays get their name because they use collapsible frames that allow them to expand out or ‘pop up’ in just a few minutes.


Some pop up displays use roll-out fabric panels, while others utilize lighter tension fabrics to provide the backdrop for your trade show display. The lighter tension fabrics reduce the weight and bulkiness of the trade show display still further and are often found on some of the newer pop up displays.


The ease-of-use that is available with pop up displays has made them quite popular for businesses looking for a simple and affordable display that can give them a basic backdrop for their marketing messages and display graphics. They are often paired with table top displays or banner stands in order to add a bit more interest and dimension to the fairly simple pop up display.

Although pop up displays can be somewhat limiting because of their inability to support the weight of heavier hanging objects and the fact that they provide only a single wall or surface with which to work with, they are often used with additional add-ons and can be a good compromise between price, ease-of-setup (always important) and weight.

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