Landing Pages and Trade Show Marketing

Landing Pages and Trade Show Marketing Banner

It’s really tough to convince small business owners of the importance of the Internet. Most know that some kind of website is necessary, but trying to sell content or SEO to someone that lives in the retail world is nearly impossible. Yet, all things internet are directly linked to all things at the trade show, in the real world, and as far as your business is concerned.

There is no disconnect between the Internet and your sales. That said, there’s one particular section of your website that you have to focus on if you plan on attending an upcoming trade show: the landing page. You should have a separate landing page strictly for the show that you plan to attend. Here’s why.

Why A Landing Page Matters

Think in terms of the show that you are about to attend as a whole new marketing campaign. As with any other campaign, there are both online and offline elements. Part of your online plan should include a dedicated landing page. What should be on that page? Here are some ideas:

-an eBook

-a whitepaper

-some kind of material that directly relates to what you will be selling at the show

Link your landing page with whatever it is that you plan to sell or show at the upcoming event. Use this landing page with your call to action (CTA) on all of your blogs and other materials including through your social media campaigns. Remember: there is no disconnect between the online world and the one where people buy what you are selling through your store.

There’s another reason why you should have a dedicated landing page.

All About That Data

We live in a world where the term “big data” flies around constantly, and numbers are so very important. While it’s interesting to look at the data mined by firms on countless topics, it’s more important to gather data of your own, about your clients. How can you do this? With a landing page, of course!

When you ask people to download materials that will relate to the upcoming show, also ask them for details like name, age, phone number, etc. This marketing data will become priceless when you’re trying to figure out what your market is. It’s also a good plan to use the landing page at the show, so that you can gather data about how effective a show was (or wasn’t).

Data From the Show

If you want a really good way to track show attendees, send those people that visit your booth directly to a landing page that you have created just for them. You can use that information to figure out what people got from your show, who attended your show, and whether or not you were good at selling your services (or at least piqued some interest – enough for people to visit your website and landing page).

Your landing page should be easily customizable too, so do keep that in mind as well. Also, remember that you will have to test your page over and over again, so keep playing with things like calls to action, fonts, colors, and other bits – you’ll quickly see what people do and don’t respond to.

Your trade show display is a huge part of any show attendance, but a trade show display alone isn’t enough. Make sure that you connect your trade show display with an online campagin that includes a landing page. For trade show booth displays that stand out, make sure to contact Blazer – we can create trade show booth displays that coincide with your online marketing campaign too, just ask! We also store, repair, and maintain any booth or display that you have.

In the meantime, leave a message here, or find us on Facebook.

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