Las Vegas Custom Trade Show Exhibits at the Las Vegas Market/ Summer 2017

Las Vegas Custom Trade Show Exhibits at the Las Vegas Market/ Summer 2017 Banner

Choosing the right furniture is not simply falling in love the first time you laid eyes on them. A lot of things should be considered to make sure that not only the pieces are beautiful but are also functional and will last for years. We’ve put up a few simple tips for finding the perfect furniture pieces.

1. Envision how you want your place to look like. You need to have an idea of what you need and want. Choosing furniture may be hit or miss but if you know what you want and consider what you need, choosing the right furniture will be easy peasy for you.

2. Invest on high-quality products. High-quality pieces may cost a little more, but they tend to hold up better and last longer. For sofas and other furniture covered in fabric, choose luxurious high-quality materials. They are more comfortable and tend to last longer. This is a special consideration especially if you have kids at home.

3. Test the furniture. Frames should not be too flexible or flimsy. Most companies allow customers to use the items inside the stores or trade show displays so customers have ideas of how comfortable and sturdy the pieces of furniture are.

  1. Create a theme. Each piece of furniture should be coordinated with each other. Some design companies have already started creating mix and match designs but still make sure to follow a certain theme. Themes allow the room to look more organized and appealing. You may choose a modern contemporary design, traditional or even Old World themes. Rule of thumb, stick to your chosen theme.
  2. Place additional pieces. After choosing the basics, it is time to add those little cute pieces if your space will allow. These may be accents or other useful furniture for your room. Another tip though, make sure that you add the right amount because too much of these pieces will crowd a smaller place or make your room look chaotic and disorganized.


The largest and grandest Las Vegas custom trade show exhibits showcasing different furniture and design trends in the US will be held on July 30 – August 3 in Las Vegas, NV. The 2017 Las Vegas Market will hold its annual event at the World Market Center Campus. The Pavilions of WMCC encompass 40 floors of items including furniture, beddings, housewares and everything you need in designing your room or space. Major companies will surely put up trade show displays so customers can see and feel the items first hand before making a sound decision purchasing them.

If you want to join the conference as an exhibitor, you have until time to start planning and get help from industry experts like Blazer Exhibits. With years of experience in trade shows, worrying about putting up a booth is no longer an option. Let them do that for you and all you need to do is sit back and relax. You may reach us at 408-263-7000.

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